YesterQuince - In Memory

Jennifer M. Brodtke
August 13, 1973 - January 28, 1993
YesterQuince - In Memory

Jen has been an inspiration to the company through her hard work, persistance, and dedication. Though only a member of the company for a short time, she threw herself into the dream of Quince with all her heart and soul. This poem reflects her feelings after the 1992 production of 'Leader of the Pack.'

To Dream

A Dream is never really over
Or finished;
A Dream can never really be killed
Or die.

A Dream is something that lives on forever;
A Dream continues
As long as someone believes you.

Love is a Dream,
A friend is a Dream,
Peace is a Dream,
Peter Quince is a Dream.

As long as someone believes,
None of these will die.
As long as someone cares,
Each will still live on.

To everyone who believes
I give you utmost credit;
For all those who dare to Dream,
There is Quince.

Jennifer M. Brodkte
August 26, 1992

from the 1993 program of "Damn Yankees"

James Ihde
YesterQuince - In Memory

The 1997 production of Bye Bye Birdie was dedicated to the memory of Jim Ihde, one of the original members of Peter Quince. Jim was an active member of the company from 1969-1974, but he was also a lifelong supporter. At a great loss to his family, friends, and fellow Quincers, he passed away on October 10, 1995.

from the 1997 program of "Bye Bye Birdie"

Reed Humphrey
August 20, 1950 - May 1, 2012
YesterQuince - In Memory

The 2012 production of Cinderella was dedicated to the memory of Reed Humphrey, Quince co-founder who passed away on May 1, 2012. Reed, with the aid of Emily Mueller and the money in his bank account, began the Peter Quince Performing Company with little more than the dream in his head. Fourty four years later Reed's legacy still lives on. Tonight we celebrate Reed's love and passion for the theatre. With Reed's recent passing, it seemed only fitting to dedicate tonight's performance to him. On stage we watch as Cinderella's wildest dreams all come ture due to a little bit of magical assistance. While Quince has had not magical assistance, we still cherish the ability to perform here this evening for you. Tonight, as you watch Cinderella experience her wildest dreams, remember that Reed and Emily must have felt the same way as they watched The Unsinkable Molly Brown open in 1969.

from the 2012 program of "Cindrella"

Bruce Humphrey
September 15, 1956 - September 1, 2012
YesterQuince - In Memory

Bruce Humphrey, younger brother of founder Reed Humphrey, passed away on September 1. Bruce was a 1974 graduate of Lincoln High School and UWM with a degree in MIS. Bruce was in Quince from 1969 to 1974.

Lars Alecksen
YesterQuince - In Memory

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