Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella

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Rodgers and Hammerstein's


Music by Richard Rodgers
Book and lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II

August 9th-11th @ 7:30pm, and 12th @ 3:00pm, 2012
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI
Ticket info: (920) 683-2184

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Good evening, ladies and gentlemen! Thank you for coming to Peter Quince’s production of Rodgers and Hammerstein’s Cinderella.

Peter Quince has been keeping the dream alive for the teenagers and young adults of Manitowoc County for the last 44 years. “Keep the Dream Alive.” This phrase, or motto if you will, is really what the essence of Quince is all about. The dream we are talking about is not simply the dream to perform on stage. Quince is about creating the opportunity for youth to work together to prepare a work of art and then display it. It’s about making magic happen. This year in Quince the magic really comes alive with Cinderella.

Without the production council, tech crew, directing staff, and stage crew none of this magic could have happened. They have done wonders with this years’ show. We would like to send out a special thanks to our stage manager, Alyssa Wadman, and our technical director, Alex Liermann, as well as our set designers and builders, Zach Smith and Kris Anton for all their hard work and dedication.

There are so many other people and places that have really helped us be a success this summer! As a nonprofit organization we deeply appreciate the community of Manitowoc and all its citizens as they help us Keep the Dream Alive and support the magic of Quince. We would also like to thank our families, friends and the PQPC alumni for all of their support and dedication. Without them, this would be “impossible.”

Last but certainly not least we would like to thank Emily Mueller and Reed Humphrey for creating this dream years ago. Over the past 44 seasons we have become a family. Our show this year is dedicated to Reed who passed away in early May. We hope the magic of tonight reminds every one of the contagious spirit of theater that Reed so loved.

Thank you all again for coming, and enjoy the show!

Yours in Quince,

Melissa Lindemann & Sarah McMahon.

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella

Good evening ladies and gentlemen!

Welcome to Peter Quince Performing Company’s 44th season’s production of Cinderella. Thanks to everyone in the pit, cast, crew and production staff, we have been granted the gift of providing you with a fantastic performance of a story that has already touched the hearts and minds of many. It has truly been an honor to direct such a talented group of dedicated individuals. There is much to say and not much room to say it.

First of all, I must thank the cast, because without any one of them this show would be an incomplete mess. Not only did those with lead roles work hard, everyone in the cast pumped their entire soul into this show. Each cast member contributed something important to the show, sometimes spontaneous, but always marvelous. I am sincerely proud of each and every one of them for their sweat, tears, and inspiration that developed this show to be what it is. The pit was also fantastic to work with thanks to help of each skilled musician and our upbeat orchestral director, Chase. Of course, while the cast and pit are directly seen and heard, the show could not go on without the help from more people than I can fit in this note. I thank the crew for doing our heavy lifting each night, the tech crew for keeping the stage well lit (among other important duties), and to all those that built, painted, and designed the set, costumes, props, hair, and make-up. My fellow directors greatly deserve my deepest thanks. Without the tag team choreography of Sarah and Kevin, some of the cast would likely be lost in the foreign language of dance, and the show would be much less enjoyable to watch. Phillip has done so much for the cast and me as a choral director, a longtime Quincer, and educator. His experiences with theatre influenced us all with his education days and the cast certainly grew because of his abilities. Finally, I must thank Reed Humphrey and Emily Mueller from the bottom of my heart for the incredible contribution they made to Manitowoc by creating this unforgettable experience known as the “Peter Quince Performing Company.”

What better musical could better exemplify the meaning of Quince? As many of you know, Cinderella is a story of a young woman driven to make her dreams come true. Through trials of maturity and understanding, she recognizes who she is as a person and, thanks to her dreams, becomes exactly whom she’d always hoped she could. This theme was always present in the Peter Quince community, as all our members have grown, learned, and faced challenges together all for a common theatrical goal. Many adolescents involved in theatre dream to grip their drama experiences and direct or produce a show, but are rarely given the chance based on their age or expected proficiency in such tasks. However, Peter Quince brought this dream to fruition for strong willed followers, considering the fact that solely young adults run it. The company stands as an opportunity for vast goals to be reached, even for those of young ages, and delivers high potential to the futures of all its members. It is a dream to direct and perform, given our professional inexperience. It is a dream to have the chance to produce, represent a company, or be a part of an executive council. It is a dream to strive for a beautiful artistic experience unlike any other form of medium. But above all, it is a dream to work with such talented, brilliant friends who also share a love for drama.

I cannot stress enough how much this directing and overall Peter Quince experience has shaped my life. I hope that I was able to offer as much to the cast and crews as they have rewarded me with. Finally, I urge you, audience members, future Quincers, and those looking back on fond Peter Quince memories, to Keep the Dream Alive.

Yours in Quince,

Austin Ruh

Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Cinderella: Emily Burish
Prince: Simeon Heili
Godmother: Katie Schroeder
Stepmother: Bethany Heili
Portia: Gabriella Alexander
Joy: Kara Schultz
Queen: Sarah Conard
King: Jackson Diedrich
Herald: Kasey Anton
Cook: Quentin Lisowe
Steward: Kasey Anton

Max Alexander, Christian Bradley, Lindsey Buss, Nicole Daetz, Sam Gretz, Molly Hahn, Mary Heili, Phillip Jindra, Lisa Kroeger, Lisa Lindemann, Julia Miller, Patrick Ressler, Kyle Lea Rosenbauer, Lizzy Sabin, Ashley Tess, Alyssa Wadman, Chris Wienecke

Coachman:  Kasey Anton
Footman: Patrick Ressler and Chris Wienecke
Guards:  Max Alexander and Phillip Jindra
Minister: Max Alexander
White Horses Max Alexander,Nicole Daetz, Phillip Jindra, and Stephanie Watkins

Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Conductor: Chase Collins
Flute 1: Andy Kaesermann
Flute 2: Katherine Guzman and Claire Solkowski
Oboe: Rachel Winter
Clarinet 1/2: Ben Creelman and Samuel Creelman
Horn 1: Jennifer LeCaptain
Trumpet 1/2: Michael Burish
Violin A: Ryan Kraemer
Violin B: Jeffrey Erdman
Cello: Kate Suszek
Bass: Adam Opperman
Trombone: Joel Griffith
Percussion: Koty Erickson
Piano: Kyle Ebelt

Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Running Crew: Stephen Heili, Tessa Komorowski,Krysta Larsen, Haley Rettinger, Karl Salzberg, Katie Schamburek, Aidan Senn, Kelsey Stevens Stephanie Watkins, and Audra Winter

Makeup Crew:Sarah McMahon, Kyle Lea Rosenbauer, Kate Suszek, Amber Vieau

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
President:in absentium
Producer: Melissa Lindemann and Sarah McMahon
Vice President: Alyssa Wadman
Secretary/Treasurer: Alyssa Wadman
Public Relations: Phillip Jindra

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Lindsey Buss Alyssa Wadman
Fundraising Committee Head: Alyssa Wadman
History Committee Head: Lindsey Buss and Alyssa Wadman
Bylaw Committee Head: Alyssa Wadman
Education Committee Head: Phillip Jindra
Social Activities Committee Head: Lindsey Buss and Austin Ruh

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
General Director: Austin Ruh
Music Director: Chase Collins
Choral Director: Phillip Jindra
Technical Director: Alex Liermann
Choreographer: Sarah McMahon and Kevin Sievert

Production Council
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Stage Manager: Alyssa Wadman
          Assistant: Desiree Haupt and Melissa Lindemann
Costume Designer: Lindsey Buss
          Assistant: Ashley Tess
Make-up/Hair Designer: Kate Suzek
Art Designer: Gabrielle Alexander
Set Designer: Kris Anton
Lighting Designer: Alex Liermann
Sound Designer: Alex Liermann
Props Mistress: Erin Knipp
Master Carpenter: Zach Smith

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
Act One:

Scene One: The Public Square; "The Prince is Giving a Ball"
Scene Two:Cinderella's House; "In My Own Little Corner"
Scene Three:The Royal Dressing Room; "Your Majesties" "Boys and Girls Like You and Me"
Scene Four:Cinderella's House; "In My Own Little Corner Reprise" "Fol-De-Rol" "Impossible" "It's Possible"

Act Two:

Entr' Acte
Scene One: Outside of the Palace
Scene Two: The Palace Ballroom
Scene Three: The Palace Garden; "Ten Minutes Ago" " Stepsister's Lament"
Scene Four: The Palace Ballroom; "Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful"
Scene Five: The Palace Garden

Act Three:

Scene One: Cinderella's House; "When You're Driving Through the Moonlight""A Lovely Night"
Scene Two:The Royal Dressing Room; "Do I Love You (Reprise)"
Scene Three:The Public Square
Scene Four:Cinderella's House
Scene Five:The Palace Garden; "Finale-The Wedding

Past Shows - 2012 Cinderella
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