Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game

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The Pajama Game

book by George Abbot and Richard Bissell
music and lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross

August 12th-14th at 7:30pm, and 15th at 3pm, 2010
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. Thank you for coming tonight and welcome to Peter Quince Performing Company's 42nd season. I am very proud to present to you Adler and Ross' The Pajama Game. Six summers ago, when I joined this company, the thought of me being the producer never crossed my mind. I never thought I could handle such ah important and big job, but that is the beauty of Quince. It gives children the opportunity to reach for the stars and make it there. It provides them with the tools to go and do the jobs they never thought they could do. This summer has given us a lot of challenges, regime changes, rehearsal space mix-ups, but as always with Quince, there's no challenge that we aren't scrappy enough for.
There are too many people to thank that I don't know where to begin, but with all long winded Producer letters, I'll find a way, and include as many as I can. First of all, I want to thank the one man for whom, without, I would never be there. Steve Rylander was the guy who got me to audition back in 2004 for The Music Man, and I've never looked back since. Secondly, I have to thank our directing staff. A big thank you goes out to Jonah Hermann our Director, and Bethany Heili our Stage Manager, both of whom helped us out by filling the positions when all seemed lost. Thanks to our tech god John Salutz, without you our show wouldn't have any sort of lighting, and wouldn't be heard bast the front row. Thanks to Krista Stevens, and Katie Jo Shimulunas, our Choreographers, for some wonderful (but sweaty) dances. Phillip Jindra, thank you for teaching us this beautiful, but difficult music. Ben Burish, thank you for carrying us through the performances with the save of your magical conductor's "wand" (yea I'm lame like that). A huge thank you goes out to my friends and past Quincers, like Erin LaFond, Brian Schneider, Emilee Landon, and Thomas Moore, Curtis 'The Turdis' (and many, many more). Without your help, guidance, and friendship, I don't thank I would be here right now. Finally, without the support of this person, I probably would have gone mental, so a huge thank you goes out to T.C. Roberts, for the countless summer nights where you've listened to me vent about bad rehearsals, laugh about the funny ones, and shared them all with me. I couldn't have picked a better guy to finish our final year in Quince with. Thank you.
Now, sit back, relax, and enjoy this hilarious and heartfelt production of The Pajama Game.
Zachary Eric Glaeser, Producer

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Good Evening Ladies and Gentlemen,
Welcome to Peter Quince's production of "The Pajama Game". THe true magic of theatre is alive and well as we are proud to present to you our 42nd full-length musical. Our company would not be in operation if it weren't for the generous donation from the community, and I thank all of them immensely. We must never let the arts die out, and our company has made strides in instilling the value of musical theatre to our members. Peter QUince has provided a stepping stone for many of its members to pursue a career in the in the arts. We encourage our cast to work hard towards making our show worthy of a professional stage. As director, I always pushed the cast to go above and beyond their abilities. If you ask a cast member if the long rehearsals and countless repetitions are worth it, they will respond with a resounding "Yes"! I'm sure when we ask ourselves why do we do this every summer, it is because of the tremendous feeling you get when it is finally show time.
Surely this night would not have been possible without the creative geniuses who are behind the making of the show. FIrst, I would like to thank our awesome producer Zach, who always kept everybody in check and made sure that this production was possible. Thank you to Katie Jo and Krista, the dances, makeup, and costumes make the stage come to life. Phillip, our choral director, thank you for producing such a high quality pit orchestra. John, Jon, Jeff, and Bethany, your help in the technical aspect has made the show run smoothly. Thank you to Meghan and Gabby for stepping up and taking care of properties. Thanks to the cast for your willingness to step out of your comfort zones and for making the stage light up with your bright faces! Thank you to my living parents for all that you do for me, you're awesome! I must also thank some alumni Quincers who have shared countless memories with. Thank you Scuba, Emilee, Erin, Heather, and Melyssa for making those long and sweaty rehearsals so much more enjoyable. Thank you to Jamie for giving me a chance eight years ago in "Footloose". You have inspired me greatly, and now I have made all the way from "Little Bobby" to Director. I owe my biggest thanks to my sister Gretchen, who was the reason that I became interested in theatre, and in Peter QUince. I love you and thank you for all your encouragement.
Now sit back and relax as we take you on a journey to the Sleep Tite pajama factory in Cedar Rapids, Iowa.
Yours in Quince,
Jonah Hermann, General Director

Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Hines: Phillip Jindra
Prez: Zach Glaeser
Joe: Karl Salzberg
Hasler: Carl Waldhart
Gladys: Sarah McMahon
Sid: Tom Roberts
Mabel: Melissa Lindemann
First Helper: Simeon Heili
Rodriguez/Helper Two: Spencer Miller
Charley: Kory Jacquart
Babe: Gabby Gonzalez
Mae: Katie Jo Shimulunas
Brenda: Krista Stevens
Poopsie: Emily Casey
Max: Giovanni Navarro
Pop: Austin Ruh
Virginia: Meghan Berry
Rita: Noahli Ellerman

Alyssa Wadman, Gabrielle Alexander, Rachel Barthels, Carrie Bruce, Catey Bruce, Lindsey Buss, Krysta Larson, Rose Lindemann, and Liz Rocheleau

Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Violin: Jen Stenson
Cello: Jessica Leigh
Flute: Rachel Ziolkowski
Clarinet: Lauren Linsmeier
Clarinet/Tenor Saxophone: Ben Creelman
Bass Clarinet: Hario Jost
Alto/Soprano Saxophone: Mikayla Senglaub
Alto Saxophone: Zach Smith
Tenor Saxophone: Dana Schreiner
Baritone Saxophone: Katie Schamburek
Trumpets: Seth Duprey
Andrew Hemken
Kathryn Ruh
Trombones: Cassandra Baukenecht
Jake Berres
Guitar: Nic Gaurer
Bass Guitar: David Wage
Percussion: Kris Anton
Alex Brandl
Emi Burish
Stephanie Hughs

Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Running Crew: Meredith LeGreve, Stephen Heili, Alex Liermann, Rebecca Lindemann, Rachel Rettinger, Louis Soja, Kelsey Stevens, Karen Yesterdale

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
President: Jeff LaFond
Producer: Zach Glaeser
Vice President: Tom Roberts and Austin Ruh
Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Schultz and Alyssa Elliot
Public Relations: Emily Casey and Simeon Heili

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Alyssa Wadman
Fundraising Committee Head: Emily Casey and Jonah Hermann
History Committee Head: Jonah Hermann
Bylaw Committee Head: Zachary Glaeser and Tom Robers
Education Committee Head: Krista Frenz, Jonah Hermann and Phillip Jindra
Social Activities Committee Head: Krista Frenz, Jonah Hermann and Phillip Jindra

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
General Director: Jonah Hermann
Music Director: Ben Burish, Assisted By Michael Burish
Choral Director: Phillip Jindra
Technical Director: John Salutz
Choreographer: Krista Frenz and Katie Jo Shimulunus

Production Council
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Stage Manager: Bethany Heili, Assisted by Jon Buss
Costume Designer: Krista Frenz and Katie Jo Shimulunus
Make-up Designer: Krista Frenz and Katie Jo Shimulunus
Set Designer: Jonah Herman
Lighting Designer: John Salutz
Sound Designer: John Salutz
Props Master: Meghan Berry and Emily Casey
Master Carpenter: Jeff Lafond

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
Act One:
Scene One: Curtain
Scene Two: The Shop
Scene Three: The Hallway, Elevator Drop
Scene Four: The Office
Scene Five: The Picnic Crossover
Scene Six: The Picnic
Scene Seven: The Picnic Crossover
Scene Eight: The Kitchen of Babe's House
Scene Nine: The Railway
Scene Ten: The Shop
Act Two:
Scene One: Eagle Hall
Scene Two: The Kitchen
Scene Three: The Hallway
Scene Four: The Office
Scene Five: The Swatch Traveler
Scene Six: Hernando's Hideaway
Scene Seven: Bedroom
Scene Eight: The Office
Scene Nine: Swatch Traveler
Scene Ten: Hernando's Hideaway

Past Shows - 2010 The Pajama Game
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