Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie


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Thoroughly Modern Millie

book by Richard Morris and Dick Scanlan
music by Jeanine Tesori
lyrics by Dick Scanlan

August 6th-8th at 7:30pm, and 9th at 3pm, 2009
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Welcome Ladies and Gentlemen and thank you for coming to our production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. As we started our 41st season last August, it was apparent that there was a lot of work to be done and a large crew needed to be assembled. I am happy to say that we have assembled a wonderful cast, crew, pit, and production staff and as this year's producer I am honored to be a part of an amazing show. Although we have produced a wonderful show, Millie has definitely been a challenge to put on this year because of our country's current economic status. As a nonprofit organization, our company could not survive without support from our family, friends, sponsors, and patrons. I thank everyone who generously donated to us in these hard times. Not only will the donations we have received and will receive keep youth theatre in our area alive, it will also "keep the dream alive" for all you see on our stage tonight and for many new "Quincers" to come. This company has meant a lot to me in the past seven years, whether I have been on stage or not. I would hate to see it die. So, once again, thank you to all who support us and continue to support us throughout our time of need.
I would also like to thank the directing staff. Jeff LaFond and John Salutz, our amazing Technical directors, have done so much with the technical aspect of our show, along with figuring out how to make our amazing set and I do not know what I would have done without them. Bethany Heli, our choral director, not only offers her beautiful vocals in our show but has helped to vocally coach everyone in the places they need to be, myself included. Jake Berres, our pit director, has done an amazing job with our music and has been able t o make things to very smooth this summer. Emilee Landon, the general director, not only directed the show, she also dove deep into character work to not only find personal characters but to also find personal characteristics in our selves that some of us did not know we had. Along with directing the show Emilee was at my side by side buddy who basically did everything with me. She has helped with set, props, costumes, ad-selling, brat frys, carwashes, and has been one of the best friends anyone could ask for during my experience as producer. Last but not least, I have to thank my best friend and roommate Shannon Wadzinski. Shannon not only choreographed the show but has also been the person who listened to me vent about everything and anything that has, or had, gone wrong this summer. Shannon has been my support system throughout the entire season and I do not know what I would have done without her.
Finally, I would like to thank my family because without them my experience in Quince would not be the same. FIrst of all, I would like to thank my grandparents, Don and Geraldine Belz, for donating the money to buy ourselves rehearsal binders. I would also like to thank my parents, John and Marie La Fond, for also donating hundreds of dollars for not only this season of Quince but for many past seasons as well. I would also like to thank my parents for supporting me in everything I do and being there for me no matter what. Without them I would not be able to do the things I love. Lastly, thank you all for coming to the show tonight we hope you enjoy the show and continue to enjoy our shows for many years to come.
Yours in Quince,
Steven LaFond

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,
Welcome and thank you for joining us for the Peter Quince Performing Company's 41st season's production of Thoroughly Modern Millie. To this day, I am still amazed that I could not only be directing a full length musical at the age of 23, but that I would be a part of a theatre company for 11 seasons by such a young age. Tonight's production especially enhances the true meaning of Quince. Not only is the cast, pit, and crew incredible, but the versatility of everyone involved really shows what this company is all about. It has been an honor and a blessing to direct such an amazing group of individuals. We have all worked together to provide what everyone craves. You, the audience, will get to enjoy a Tony Award winning musical performance right here in Manitowoc, and the cast will get to do what they love to do-- which is become a new character for each and every one of you tonight. And let me tell you-- the final product is absolutely worth the hard work, sweat, tears, laughter, and milestones we have overcome. This production could not have done by me alone. First and foremost, I would like to thank the cast, pit, and crew for all of their dedication. Without one person, this show would not be the phenomenal production we have for you tonight. I would like to thank directors form years past who have really helped mold me and have taught me all I hae learned: Jamie Strutz, Erin LaFond, Curtis Vandenbusch, John Wright, Brian Wild, and my brother Travis Bernhardt. Thank you all for your guidance and words of wisdom. John and Jeff, without your technical and carpentry work, this production would not have been even close to coming together, and for that I thank you. I would like to thank Bethany and Shannon for the amazing dedication that they have had to make the show as incredible as it is. The three of us had a vision as to what we wanted, and together we were unstoppable. Thank you to Katie Jo for Costumes, Sam and Curtis for Props, Theresa for the Artistic Design, and to everyone else who helped make the behind the scenes come to life.
Last but definitely not least, I need to thank the people who are closet to me. I would like to thank my parents and my family for always supporting me and never letting me give up on my dreams. WIthout a family like you, I don't know if I would be where I am today, and for that I thank you. I need to thank Melyssa and Erin, for being my QUince girls and sharing so many life and theatre experiences with me. Without you two, I am nothing, and I thank you. I have to thank Scuba for all of this hard work as Producer, assistant to everyone, and being a lead on top of that. I have been in your shows, good sir, and I know it is hard work, but it has not gone unnoticed. You will do great things in your life, to add to the resume that would blow anyone away at your young age. Lastly, I need to thank my amazing boyfriend Thomas. Thank you for your patience and your understanding through this summer. You have inspired me to never give up my dreams and have taken my passion for theatre to the next level. I am grateful to have such an amazing person in my life. I love you.
As I bid adieu to this amazing company, looking back I have realized that I'm not the person I am today just because of a job, or high school or college experience, but because of the amazing company that is known as Peter Quince. Thank you to the audience, who still believes in the dream that is QUince, and to those from the past 41 seasons who have given their heart, soul, and passion to this incredible company. WHile my time in Quince is done, I will never give up on QUince, as I know nothing can bring this company down. As Millie transitions and meets new people throughout this production, looking back at your own life and see how many different paths you could have taken by choosing a different way. My way? Spending 11 summers with the Peter Quince Performing Company, being given the chance to experience not only all aspects of the theatre, but friendships and memories that will last a lifetime. Again, thank you for all your support! Keep the Dream Alive!
Yours in Quince,
Emilee E. Landon

Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Millie: Sarah McMahon
Jimmy: Steven LaFond
Miss Dorothy: Shelly Fitzgerald
Mrs. Meers: Courney Holly
Trevor Graydon: Zach Glaeser
Ching Ho: Thomas Moore
Bun Foo: Simeon Heili
Muzzy: Erin Wadzinski
Miss Flannery: Season Scheurell
Alice: Bethany Heili
Ruth: Shannon Wadzinski
Gloria: Krista Stevens
Cora: Heather Hirvela
Rita: Amelia Ruzek
Ethel: Emily Casey
Policeman: Austin Ruh
George Gershwin: Kory Jacquart
Ira Gershwin: Mackenzie Mraz
Dorothy Parker: Sarah Huebner
Rodney: Phillip Jindra
Daphne: Melissa Lindemann
Dexter: Jeff LaFond
Mahtilde: Sam Gretz
Kenneth: Jonah Herrmann

Office Boys/Muzzys Boys:
Kory Jacquart, Phillip Jindra, Jeff LaFond, Tom Roberts

Meghan Berry, Emily Casey, Sam Gretz, Heather Hirvela, Sarah Huebener, Amelia Ruzek, Krista Stevens, Alyssa Wadman, Shannon Wadzinski

Catey Bruce, Jonah Herrmann, Abbie Lee, Melissa Lindemann, Mackenzie Mraz, Liz Rochleau, Austin Ruh, Mae Ruzek

Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Conductor: Ben Burish
Flute: Britta Gauer
Clarinet: Chad Alsteen
Bass Clarinet: Hari Jost
Soprano/Tenor Saxophones: David Wage
Alto Saxophone: Mikayla Senglaub
Bari Saxophone: Theresa Mozinski
Trumpets: Jordan Kabut, Meaghan Kulas, and Seth Duprey
French Horn: Andrew Hemken
Trombones: Jake Berres and Nicholas Schad
Keyboard: Brittany Neuser
Violin: Chad Alsteen
Cello: Jessica Leigh
Bass: Ethan Klassen
Drums: Nic Gauer
Percussion: Alex Brandl and Stephanie Hughes

Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Running Crew: Erin Lafond, Meghan Berry, Mackenzie Mraz, Jonah Hermann, Emily Casey, Sarah McMathon, Abbie Lee, Simeon Heili, Courtney Holly, John Salutz

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
President: Erin LaFond
Producer: Steven LaFond
Vice President: Lucy Jost, Mashira Young, and Theresa Mozinski
Secretary/Treasurer: Justin Schnell
Public Relations: Cassie Glaeser

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Alyssa Elliott
Fundraising Committee Head: Erin LaFond, Jonah Hermann, Heather Hirvela
Internet Committee Head: Erik Weiss
History Committee Head: Alyssa Elliott assisted by Sam Gretz and Ashley Schultz
Bylaw Committee Head: Zach Glaeser and Tom Roberts
Education Committee Head: Thomas Moore
Social Activities Committee Head: Erin LaFond and Tom Roberts

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
General Director: Emilee Landon assisted by Jonah Hermann
Music Director: Jake Berres
Choral Director: Bethany Heili assisted by Erin LaFond
Technical Director: John Salutz and Jeff LaFond
Choreographer: Shannon Wadzinski assisted by HEather Hirvela and Steven LaFond

Production Council
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Stage Manager: Curtis Vandenbusch
Costume Designer: Katie Jo Shimulanus assisted by Steven LaFond
Make-up Designer: Morgan Dittmar assisted by Krista Stevens
Art Designer: Theresa Mozinski
Set Designer: Steven LaFond, Emilee Landon, and John Salutz
Lighting Designer: John Salutz assisted by Courtney Holly
Sound Designer: John Salutz
Props Master: Sam Gretz assisted by Curtis Vandenbusch
Master Carpenter: Jeff LaFond

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
Act One
Scene One: New York City Street
Scene Two: The Pricilla Hotel Lobby

Scene Three: The Laundry Room of the Pricilla
Scene Four: Since Trust Insurance Company Office
Scene Five: The Pricilla Hotel -- 12th Floor

Scene Six: New York City Street/Speakeasy

Scene Seven: Jail Lineup
Scene Eight: Jail Cells/Outside of Jail
Scene Nine: The Hotel Pricilla -- 12th Floor
Scene Ten: Muzzy's Penthouse
Scene Eleven: Terrace of Muzzy's Penthouse
Scene Twelve: The Hotel Pricilla-- 12th Floor
Act Two
Scene One: Sincere Trust Insurance Company

Scene Two: Window Ledge of Sincere Trust
Scene Three: The Pricilla Hotel-- 12th Floor
Scene Four: The Lounge of the Cafe Society

Scene Five: Muzzy's Dressing Room

Scene Six: Dining Room of the Cafe Society
Scene Seven: The Pricilla Hotel -- Lobby
Scene Eight: The Pricilla Hotel -- Hallway/Laundry Room

Past Shows - 2009 Thoroughly Modern Millie
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