Past Shows - 2008 Fame


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
Fricke Printing Service, West Foundation
With participation from
Music Theatre International, Bank First National, AmericInn & WCUB Radio


Conceived & Developed By David De Silva
book by Jose Fernandez
music by Steve Margoshes
lyrics by Jacques Levy

August 7th, 8th, 9th, and 10th, 2008 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Good evening ladies and gentlemen! Welcome to the Peter Quince Performing Company's 40th season and our production of Fame! I would like to start out by thanking everyone for making it tonight. I would also like to assure you that you will most definitely enjoy the show. A lot of hard work has gone into making this 40th season's performance a reality and it has paid off, and by the end of the night, I hope all of you will agree. This is my second year producing a show for Quince and both experiences have been fantastic. I once again could not have asked for a better group of directors, board members, production council or crew members. Every one of them was dedicated and showed what the true spirit of Quince really is.

I need to thank a lot of people, so bear with me. First off, I need to thank John Salutz. After losing Brandon last year, I was afraid that no one would be around to take on the difficult task of technical director, but John made it look easy. I can't thank him enough for all the time and effort he has put into this show. I also need to thank Curtis. Not only has Curtis been a great director but he has picked up the slack in a lot of other areas. He is the most dedicated director I have ever worked with and for that I couldn't be more grateful. Next is Alyssa, wow! Alyssa started the season as our historian and ended as stage manager and assistant to almost everyone. A summer without her would have been so much more stressful and not nearly as much fun, so thank you Alyssa. I want to thank my fellow cast members and friends. I love each and every one of you and I'm leaving it up to you to keep this dream alive. I can see the spirit of Quince in so many of you and that is all I could ask for. Your experiences are something no one can ever take away from you, so live the dream.

Last but not least I need to thank my closest friends. First of all, I would like to thank Emilee. She is my best friend and one of the reasons I joined Quince in the first place. She also inspired me to take on this position as well as many other positions I have done in the past. I really don't think there is any way to thank her for all she's done for me. I also need to thank Scuba. He was one of the first friends I made in Quince and without him, these six years would not have been the same. I need to thank him for being a spectacular choreographer, a dedicated Quincer, and a wonderful friend. It amazes me every summer how everyone steps up and takes on roles many adults couldn't even handle. This company has taught me more about life and given me more valuable experiences than any school or job ever could. To those of you who have never experienced Peter Quince, I am sorry. And to those of you have poured your heart and soul into this company over the past 40 years, I applaud you and thank you. The dream of Peter Quince lives in all of us and I will forever be a Quincer at heart! Thank you to all who have come before, and all who will join in the future, for keeping the dream alive!

Yours in Quince,
Melyssa Keil

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Good evening ladies and gentlemen,

This season is a very special one for every "Quincer," past and present. The fact that a theatre company made up entirely of 12 to 23 year-olds has survived for forty years is definitely beating the odds. Ask any Quincer why we would spend our entire summer in a rehearsal space dancing, singing, and acting and you will get only one answer: we love to do it! We have the best summers of our lives in those hot, sweaty buildings, working hard. Directing Fame is something I will never forget. All the sweat, tears, and small amount of arguing have been completely worth seeing the final product about to be put on in front of you. Pay close attention to the struggles and hardships these high school students encounter during their four years at P.A. Many of them are what most of us have to deal with today.

Putting on a huge show like this is not something you can do alone. I would like to thank the cast, crew, and pit for all their hard work and dedication . I would like to thank my parents and my two best friends, Kara Klein and Katie Storms, for being nothing but supportive and helpful this entire year. Thank you to Bethany and Scuba Steve, there are no other people I would rather have worked with than you guys. I would like to thank John, Alyssa, and Adam for not once saying "no" when I asked them for something. I would like to thank Cassie for the awesome costumes and Ryan for the amazing set. Thank you to Shannon for your great job publicizing this show and Lucy for being the best Vice President... EVER! I would like to thank Kate Wellner, Mr. Hansen, and Erin Wadzinski for giving me the opportunity to Assistant Direct under them and teaching me everything I know. Thank you to Emily Mueller and Reed Humphrey for giving us all something to do every summer. I would like to especially thank Melyssa Keil, our Producer, not only for her work this year, but all five years she has been in this company. This is her last year with Quince and she will be greatly missed. She is the example of a true Quincer; there is no one that loves theatre and cares about this company more than Melyssa. I want to thank her for being a great Producer and an even better friend. Last, but certainly not least, I would like to thank you, the audience, because without your support, we would not have survived for forty years. Now sit back, relax and enjoy Fame! KEEP THE DREAM ALIVE!

Yours in Quince,
Curtis Vandenbusch

Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Carmen Diaz: Amanda Wachholz
Serena Katz: Amanda Kay Thomm
Nick Piazza: Brian Schneider
Jack Zakowski: Steven Lafond
Schlomo Metzenbaum: Zach Glaeser
Mabel Washington: Erin Wadzinski
Joe Vegas: Tom Roberts
Miss Sherman: Cassie Glaeser
Iris Kelly: Heather Hirvela
Grace Lamb(Lambchops): Courtney Holly
Goodman King(Goody): Simeon Heili
Miss Bell: Season Scheurell
Miss Meyers: Roz Diedrich
Mr. Sheinkopf: Matt Parlato

Stephani Blish, Baraq Stein, Eddie Minarik, Mackenzie Mraz, Dave Mellon, Marrissa Geiger, Shannon Wadzinski, Ashley Schultz, Emilee Landon, Kevin Sievert, Jonah Herman

Jeff Lafond, Krysta Larson, Izzaac Cizauskas, Nashira Young, Philip Jindra

Thomas Moore, Melyssa Keil, Sarah Huebner, Krista Stevens, Allyson Taubenkeim, Elizabeth Rochelea, Allyssa Wadman, Sam Gretz, Megan Berry

Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Conductor Adam Allison
Flute Britta Gauer
Saxophones Thersea Mozinski
Trumpet &
Kevin Weiss
Trombones Michelle Gucwa &
Jake Berres
Keyboards Brittany Neuser &
Adam Allison
Bass Ethan Klassen
Guitar David Wage
Drums Nic Gauer
Percussion Britta Gauer &
Michelle Gucwa

Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Running Crew: Alex Brandl, Bethany Heili, Stephen Heili, Lucy Jost, Melissa Lindemann, Aiden Senn, Eileen Tesarik, Caryn Vater

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
President: Thomas Moore
Producer: Melyssa Keil
Vice President: Lucy Jost
Secretary/Treasurer: Erin Wadzinski
Public Relations: Shannon Wadzinski

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Melyssa Keil
Fundraising Committee Head: Heather Hirvela
Internet Committee Head: Erik Weiss
History Committee Head: Alyssa Elliott
Bylaw Committee Head: Curtis Vandenbusch
Education Committee Head: Matt Parlato and Tom Roberts
Social Activities Committee Head: Erin Wadzinski

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
General Director: Curtis Vandenbusch
Music Director: Adam Allison
Choral Director: Bethany Heili
Technical Director: John Salutz
Choreographer: Steve LaFond

Production Council
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Stage Manager: Alyssa Elliot
          Assistant: Melyssa Keil
Costume Designer: Cassie Glaeser
Make-up Designer: Shannon Wadzinski
Art Designer: Heather Hervila
Set Designer: Curtis Vandenbusch
Lighting Designer: Ryan Streu
Sound Designer: John Salutz
Props Master: Melyssa Keil
Master Carpenter: Ryan Streu

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2008 Fame
Act One: Freshman & Sophomore Years
Scene One: Homeroom
Opening & Hardwork: Company

Scene Two: Dance class & Band room

Scene Three: Hallway
I Want to Make Magic: Nick

Scene Four: Acting class
Can't Keep it Cool: Joe & male actors

Scene Five: Dance class

Scene Six: Band room

Scene Seven: Dance class
Jack's Rap: Jack

Scene Eight: Lunch room
Fame: Carmen & students

Scene Nine: Rehearsal
Let's Play a Love Scene: Serena

Scene Ten: Band room
Bring on Tomorrow: Schlomo & Carmen

Scene Eleven: Dance rehearsal
Teachers' Argument: Ms. Bell & Miss Sherman
Hard Work Reprise: Students

Act Two: Junior and Senior Years
Scene One: Alley way

Scene Two: Auditorium
I Want to Make Magic Reprise: Nick, Serena, & Students

Scene Three: Hallway
Think of Merryl Streep: Serena

Scene Four: Girls locker room
Mabel's prayer: Mabel & girls chorus

Scene Five: Hallway

Scene Six: English class
Dancing on the Sidewalk: Jack & students
These are my Children: Miss Sherman

Scene Seven: Romeo and Juliet rehearsal
Scene Eight: Dance studio
Pas de Deux: Jack & Iris

Scene Nine: Alley way
In LA: Carmen

Scene Ten: After prom
Let's Play a Love Scene Reprise: Nick & Serena

Scene Eleven: Graduation
Bring on Tomorrow Reprise: Company

Past Shows - 2008 Fame
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