Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical


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big, The Musical

book by John Weidman
music by David Shire
lyrics by Richard Maltby

August 9th, 10th, 11th, and 12th, 2007 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Good evening ladies and gentlemen. I would like to welcome you to the Peter Quince Performing Company's 39th season, and our production of Big: The Musical. Looking back 5 years ago when I joined this company, I would have never in a million years guessed that I would still be a member at 22, much less a producer. Nevertheless, here I am. It only goes to show that Quince truly gives children the opportunity and the experience to do things they would have never dreamed of. This year has been absolutely wonderful experience and I would like to thank the company for giving me this opportunity. I have worked with the most amazing people with the most outstanding talent and drive. Not only has the cast been a blast to work with but the "behind the scenes" crew has been phenomenal. I need to thank Brandon, Jeff, and Curtis for being great to work with and for teaching me so many things about the theatre that I could never have learned anywhere else. This season has given me a completely different view and respect for theatre and specifically for Quince. The amount of work and dedication that "Quincers" put into these shows is incredible. I would like to thank the directing staff for working so hard to put on the best show possible, and the tech crew for allowing us to look and sound wonderful on stage. With out them the curtain could not rise and there would be no show. I would also like to thank Emilee, she was the reason I chose to take on this position and has been nothing but supportive and helpful over the past year. Without her, this year would have been a mess, and I appreciate everything she has done for me. I a confident that as soon as the curtain rises and you see the energy of our cast and crew you too will see the dream of all "Quincers" past and present alike. Thank you for all helping us to keep the dream alive, and enjoy the show!

Melyssa M Keil

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Good evening ladies and gentleman and welcome to tonight's performance of Big: The Musical. My favorite line of the show is "... but when you're big, you have to be a man." It tells the message that size and age have nothing to do with the person you create within yourself. It's the greatest lesson I've learned from directing this cast. Even the youngest teenager can have the same heart and dedication as the oldest adult. This cast has proven to have an adult attitude. This cast has proven to have the moment dedication than any other cast I've encountered. I can't thank them enough for that. I can't thank Lucy and Alyssa and their amazing pit for their hard work.. Thank you also to Emilee and Cassie for standing beside me and sharing my vision I'd like to thank Curtis for this constant help and hard-work, and finally, to my wonderful boyfriend Jeff, who let me yell and scream at him on those (few) frustrating days, I couldn't have done it without your live and support. Now, please sit back, relax, and enjoy Big!

Erin Wadzinski

Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Josh: Tom Roberts
Susan: Kristin Naus
Billy: Simeon Heili
Young Josh: Aidan Senn
MacMillan: Zach Glaeser
Mrs. Baskin: Cassie Glaeser
Paul: Matt Parlato
Miss Watson: Ashley Schultz
Lipton: Thomas Moore
Birnbaum: Justin Kalies
Barrett: Brian Schneider
Cynthia Benson: Megan Doro
Derek: Justin Kalies
Abigail: Bethany Heili
Diane: Shannon Wadzinski
Nick: Brian Schneider
Tom: Kevin Korte
Mr. Baskin: Matt Parlato
Mrs. Kopecki: Melyssa Kiel
Mr. Kopecki: Aaron Smith
Arcade Guy: Jeff Marquardt
Receptionist: Stetz Smith
Zoltar: Kevin Korte
Panhandler: Emilee Landon
Detective: Kevin Korte
PA Announcer: Roz Diedrich

Dancing Salespeople:
Bridget Hietpas, Emilee Landon, Heather Hirvela, Katie Jo Stevens, Sarah Huebner, Melyssa Keil, Manda Kay Thomm, Shannon Wadzinski, Meghan Berry, Krista Stevens

Adult Chorus:
Angel Schutze, Bridget Hietpas, Roz Diedrich, Eileen Tesarik, Emilee Landon, Jeff LaFond, Heather Hirvela, Aaron Smith, Stetz Smith, Katie Jo Stevens, Sarah Huebner, Karley Clayton, Melyssa Keil, Manda Kay Thomm, Bethany Heili, Brian Schneider, Justin Kalies, Thomas Moore, Shannon Wadzinski, Jeff Marquardt, Kevin Korte, Morgan Dittmar

Teen Chorus:
Sam Gretz, Elizabeth Rochleau, Kasey Klavakoske, Sarah Jansen, Kristin Senglaub, Krysta Larson, Hannah Pitroske, Philip Jindra, Austin Ruh, Meghan Berry, Megan Doro, Krista Stevens, Stephanie Blish, Courtney Holly, Jonah Hermann, Keegan Virlee, Dalton Hermans, Dayna Jaeger

Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Alyssa Elliott
ConductorAdam Allison
FluteBritta Gauer
ClarinetsAndrea Rosik, Ben Burish
Bass Clarinet
Alto SaxTheresa Mozinski
Tenor SaxBen Burish
Bari SaxLucy Jost
BassoonLauren Behnke
TrumpetsKevin Weiss, Nic Gauer
French HornSadie Cisler
TrombonesMichelle Gucwa, Jake Berres
BassEthan Klassen
ViolinChad Alsteen
KeyboardsJen Pasch, Nashira Young
Drum SetZach Witkauskis
PercussionSetphanie Hughes

Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Running Crew: Garion Yupp, Dave Melon, Ben Hempkin, Christy Jager, Heather Reindl, Kara Klein, Katie Storms

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
President: Emilee E. Landon
Producer: Melyssa Keil
Vice President: Lucy Jost
Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Schultz
Public Relations: Kate Wellner

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Melyssa Keil
Fundraising Committee Head: Thomas Moore
Internet Committee Head: Erik Weiss
History Committee Head: Melyssa Keil
Bylaw Committee Head: Ashley Schultz
Education Committee Head: Curtis Vandenbusch
Social Activities Committee Head: Erin Wadzinski

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
General Director: Erin Wadzinski
     Assistant: Curtis Vandenbusch
Music Directors: Lucy Jost and Alyssa Elliot
Choral Director: Cassie Glaeser
Technical Director: Brandon Behm
Choreographer: Emilee E. Landon
     Assistants: Melyssa Keil and Katie Jo Stevens

Production Council
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Stage Manager: Curtis Vandenbusch
     Assistant: Austin Jacobson
Costume Designer: Roz Diedrich
     Assistants: Ashley Schultz, Jeff LaFond, and Heather Hirvela
Make-up Designers: Emilee Landon and Erin Wadzinski
Art Designer: Stetz Smith
     Assistant: Roz Diedrich
Set Designer: Stetz Smith
Lighting Designer: Alexis Petit
     Assistant: Tim Unertl
Sound Designer: John Salutz
Props Master: Ashley Schultz
Master Carpenter: Jeff Brandenberg

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
Act One:
Scene 1: Baskin Neighborhood, Carnival
     Prologue and Opening: Young Josh, Mrs. Baskin, Billy, Zoltar, and Ensemble
Scene 2: Baskin House
     Say Good Morning to Mom: Mrs. Baskin
Scene 3: Random Neighborhood
Scene 4: Port Authority Bus Terminal
     You're a Big Boy Now: Billy and Big Josh
Scene 5: Toy Store
     The Time of Your Life: Salespeople
     Fun: Mr. MacMillan and Big Josh
Scene 6: MacMillan Toy Company
     Welcome to MacMillan Toys: Adult Chorus
     My Secretary's In Love: Susan
     MacMillan Toys Pt II: Big Josh, Billy, Paul Susan, and Adult Chorus
Scene 7: Josh's Apartment
     Let's Nod Move Too Fast: Susan
     Do You Want to Play Games?: Big Josh
     Stars: Big Josh and Susan
     Little Susan Lawrence: Susan
Scene 8: Office Party
     Cross the Line: Big Josh and Ensemble

Act Two:
Scene 1: Baskin Neighborhood and Kitchen
     It's Time: Billy and Teen Chorus
     Stop, Time: Mrs. Baskin
     The Neightmare: Teen Chorus and Zoltar
Scene 2: Susan's Office
     Dancing All the Time: Susan
     I Want to Know: Young Josh
Scene 3: MacMillan Toy Company
     Coffee, Black: Big Josh, Susan, Miss Watson, Mr. MacMillan, and Adult Chorus
Scene 4: Susan's Friend's Apartment
     The Real Thing: Tom, Nick, Diane, and Abigail
Scene 5: Roofterrace
     The Real Thing Reprise: Susan
Scene 6: Stage (aka: Limbo)
     Big: Big Josh
Scene 7: Old Factory
     We're Gonna Be Fine: Big Josh, Susan, and Zoltar

Past Shows - 2007 big, The Musical
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