Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
With participation from
West Foundation, First National Bank, and WCUB Radio

Wonderful Town

book by Joseph Fields and Jerome Chodorov
music by Leonard Bernstein

August 10th, 11th, 12th, and 13th, 2006 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
Thank you for all joining us tonight for our 38th season's production of Wonderful Town. This has been an amazing season working with everyone. First of all, I'd like to thank Mark Quistorf and Ryan Clarksen. These gentlemen have been two of my past producers, and have taught me all that I know. I would not be where I am today without their support.

I'd like to thank Lucy and Alyssa, along with Jen and Adam, for their awesome dedication and direction. Without Cassie's choral direction, we'd be "lost for words!". Erin's fancy footwork helped save our show! I'd like to thank both of you ladies for that. Brandon, without your knolwedge of the backstage, we'd be in the dark! Thanks for all your hard work.

Last, but not least, I'd like to thank our amazing director, Kate. As the only 8-year member of the cast, we made a great team. Thanks for being an amazing sister. I love you!

Quince is an amazing experience. I was lead in 8 years ago by my brother, who also lead in his wife (Heather Bernhardt who is in tonight's performance.) No matter what generation of a "Quincer" you are, it will always be alive in your heart.

Keep the dream alive,
Emilee E. Landon.

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
This summer has been a wonderful learning experience for me, and I hope for the rest of the company. I have had so much fun directing Wonderful Town, and only wish that we could perform it longer. As you watch our performances, please keep in mind how hard everyone has worked to make this show come together. The cast has put their heart and soul into this, and for that I am very greatfull that I could work with such a great cast. Emilee, Cassie, and Erin have been an awesome crew to work with. We may have had some hard times and some good ones, but I wouldn't have asked for a better direction staff. Emilee has been a great best friend and producer, she was always there for me to answer any questions I had, or just to listen to my frustration. Cassie has been great to work with as a cast member and as a directing staff member. She always has great ideas that she brings to rehersals, to make the show even better. Erin's incredible dancing ability has really made the show wonderful and fun to watch. She has done a great job and I'm so grateful for their sweat and tears that they have put into this show. I would like to thank my friends and family for their support. Especially my sister, for if she never would have forced me to audition for Lil' Abner seven years ago, I may have never gotten into theatre and wouldn't have this wonderful opportunity. I would also like to thank all the past directors that have influenced me and helped mold me to be the director I am today, especially Mr. Bill Hansen who has really pushed me to give my all and o my best. Without his help at Lincoln, I don't think I would have the courage to take this role as director. Again, thank you to everyone, I can't say it enough. Please sit back, relax, and enjoy Ruth and Eileen's crazy adventures in a Wonderful Town.

Kate Wellner

Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
Ruth----------------Emilee E. Landon
Eileen---------------Manda Kay Thomm
Tour Guide-----------Erin Wadzinski
Mr. Appopolous--------Matthew Parlato
Helen-------------------Heather Bernhardt
Wreck------------------Tom Roberts
Violet--------------------Kristin Naus
Officer Lonigan------------Darrick Bruns
Speedy Valenti------------Heather Hirvela
Rober Baker-------------Kevin Korte
Frank Lippencott-------Brian Schneider
Mrs. Wade---------------Cassie Glaeser
Eskimo Pie Man--------Logan Stokes
A Kid-----------------Jonah Herrman
Fletcher---------------Darrick Bruns
Two Drunks-----------Curtis Vandenbusch
Chef-----------------Josh Holt
Waiter---------------Curtis Vandenbusch
Delievery Boy----------Simeon Heili
Chick Clark------------Curtis Vandenbusch
Shore Patrolman---------Thomas Moore
Man with Sign--------------Thomas Moore
Characters in Ruth's stories:
Mr. Mallory---------------Simeon Heili
Rexford------------------Darrick Bruns
Danny--------------------Logan Stokes
Trent---------------------Darrick Bruns
Woman Guest---------Samantha Gretz
Male Guest-------------Aaron Smith

Chorus Dancers: (this members will also participate in all company and non dancing chorus numbers)
Brian Schneider, Meylssa Keil, Katie Jo Stevens, Heather Hirvela, Megan Berry, Heather Bernhardt, Erin Wadzinski

Tom Roberts, Meylssa Keil, Katie Jo Stevens, Heather Hirvela, Erin Wadzinski, Shannon Wadzinski, Kristin Naus

Thomas Moore, Brian Schneider, Aaron Smith, Meylssa Keil, Katie Jo Stevens, Heather Hirvela, Cassie Glaeser, Erin Wadzinski, Amanda Waccholz, Ashley Schultz, Sarah Huebner, Bethany Heili, Roz Diedrich, Shannon Wadzinski, Kristen Naus, Angel Schuetze

Chorus Members: (Many of these chorus parts will have various roles through out the show)
Stacy Ruselink, Roz Diedrich, Josh Holz, Aaron Smith, Amanda Waccholz, Krysta Larson, Logan Stokes, Megan Doro,Ashley Schultz, Sarah Huebner, Bethany Heili, Hannah Pivonka, Jonah Herrman, Simeon Heili, Samantha Gretz, Kristin Naus, Megan Berry, Cassie Glaeser, Shannon Wadzinski, and Angel Schutze

Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
Lucy Bea JostBari Sax, Tenor Sax
Lauren BehnkeBassoon
Kevin WeissTrumpet
Alyssa ElliottClarinet, Tenor Sax
Jen PaschPiano
Matt Swanson Alto Sax
Ethan KlassenBass
Chad AlsteenViolin, Clarinet
Amber SkatteboFlute, Piccolo

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for 2006
Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
President: Steve LaFond
Producer: Emilee Landon
Vice President: Dan Heili
Secretary/Treasurer: Ashley Schultz
Public Relations: Erin Wadzinski

The General Committee of the Board of Directors for 2006
Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Shelley FitzGerald
Fundraising Committee Head: Brian Schneider and Thomas Moore
Internet Committee Head: Erik Weiss
History Committee Head: Ashley Schultz
Bylaw Committee Head: Erin Wadzinski
Education Committee Head: Kate Wellner
Social Activities Committee Head:

Directing Staff for 2006
Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
General Director: Kate Wellner
Music Director: Alyssa Elliott and Lucy Jost
Choral Director: Cassie Glaeser
Technical Directors: Brandon Behm and Erik Weiss
Choreographer: Erin Wadzinski

Production Council for 2006
Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
Stage Managers: Jamie Kreil
Costume Designer: Cassie Glaeser and Ashley Schultz.
     Assistant: Shelly FitzGerald
Make-up Designers: Emilee Landon and Kate Wellner
Art Designer: Setz Smith
     Assistant: Roz Diedrich
Set Designers: Stetz Smith
     Assistant: Roz Diedrich
Lighting Designers: Dan Heili and Erika LaPoint
Sound Designer: Bryan Flaherty
Props Master: Cassie Glaeser and Ashley Schultz
     Assistant: Curtis Vandenbusch
Master Carpenter: Darrick Bruns

Past Shows - 2006 Wonderful Town
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