Past Shows - 2005 Honk!


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
West Foundation, First National Bank, WOMT/WQTC
With participation from
Weyerhaeuser, Manitowoc Ice, Music Theatre International


book and lyrics by Anthony Drewe
music by George Stiles

August 4th, 5th, 6th, and 7th, 2005 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Good evening ladies and gentlemen and welcome to PQPC’s 37th season and our production of Honk! This season marks my second and final season as producer. It has brought many challenges and difficulties, but it also has had a lot of the same old Quince magic.
This season I was blessed with an outstanding directing staff. Tricia and Chris thank you for taking the position of pit director so late and doing such a great job. Aimee you have been a great director and an even better friend. Erik your organizational skills are incredible and so valuable. Scuba your choreography is amazing but even more amazing are you.
This is what makes Quince what it is, the great people. Never have I worked with such talented and fun young people as in my Quince years. It is so great to see us come together and put a show on for you. So sit back, relax and enjoy what us young people can do.

Mark Quistorf – Producer

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Hello everyone and thank you so much for coming to Peter Quince’s production of Honk! When I was fifteen years old, I sat down and made a list of everything that I wanted to do in my lifetime. At the top of that list was to direct a show at the Capitol Civic Centre. I never thought that it would actually happen for me, especially at the age of 21. But Peter Quince has provided an opportunity in my life that I am truly grateful for and honored to be a part of.
When I first read the script of Honk! I knew instantly that this was the show that I wanted our company to do. Not only is it a fun show for all ages with great music and dance numbers, but it speaks of issues in today’s society that are truly heartbreaking. In a world of plastic surgery, diets, eating disorders and a general lack of confidence from today’s youth, Honk! speaks of the inner beauty that one possesses, which far surpasses any physical perfection that one may have.
This is a truly inspirational tale, and I hope that not only will you sit back and enjoy this evening’s performance, but you will take from it the message of not judging a book by its cover, but looking further into a person’s soul to find out whom they are. Thank you so much for attending tonight’s show, your support is greatly appreciated!

Aimee Miller – General Director

Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Ugly Mark Quistorf
Ida Erin Wadzinski
Drake Darrick Bruns
Maureen Jamie Strutz
Turkey/Father Swan Zach Glaeser
Henrietta Manda Kay Thomm
Beaky Melyssa Keil
Billy Kristin Naus
Greylag Roz Diedrich
Dot Stefanie Voeltz
Barnacles/Farmer's Voice Thomas Moore
Cat Neil Schneider
Bullfrog Amy Malcolm
Queenie Emilee Landon
Lowbutt Missy Strutz
Snowy/Boy's Voice/Camera Brian Schneider
Penny Amanda Wachholz
Grace Cassie Glaeser
Mother Swan Stephanie Bonde
Pinkfoot/Girl's Voice Shelley FitzGerald
Floor Manager Logan Stokes
Jaybird/Old Woman Stets Smith

Jennifer Binverse
Stephanie Bonde
Shelley Fitzgerald
Bethany Heili
Melyssa Keil
Emilee Landon
Amy Malcom
Thomas Moore
Kristin Naus
Nina Paavola
Brian Schneider
Stets Smith
Josh Stephani
Logan Stokes
Jamie Strutz
Missy Strutz
Manda Kay Thomm
Amanda Wachholz
Kate Wellner

Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Alyssa Elliott Bass Clarinet
Chris Rodey Tenor Sax
Craig Edgar Conductor
Eric Wind Percussion
Ethan Klassen Bass
Kevin Weiss Piano
Lucy Jost Bari Sax
Taryn Tougas Flute
Tricia Flaherty Alto/Tenor Sax
Sadie Cisler Flugel Horn

Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Costume Crew: Tiffany Decker, Amy Malcom

Make-up Crew: Krista LaFond, Anna Lemberger, Brynn Luebke, Amy Malcom, Aimee Miller, Alissa Reinke, Lee Rydzewski, Neil Schneider, Jamie Strutz, Stefanie Voeltz, Kate Wellner

Painting Crew: Darrick Bruns, Aimee Miller, Brian Schneider

Set Building Crew: Jamie Strutz, Brandon Behm, Erik Weiss

Running Crew: Brandon Behm, Brad Backhaus

Fundraising Crew: Alyssa Elliott, Tricia Flaherty, Shelley FitzGerald, Cassie Glaeser, Zach Glaeser, Lucy Jost, Emilee Landon, Mark Quistorf, Chris Rodey, Brian Schneider, Neil Schneider, Jamie Strutz, Missy Strutz, Erin Wadzinski

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors for 2005
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
President: Aaron Mueller Producer: Mark Quistorf and assistant Emilee Landon Vice President: Missy Strutz and assistant Erik Weiss Secretary/Treasurer:Erik Weiss and Steve LaFond Public Relations:Melyssa Keil

The General Committee of the Board of Directors for 2005
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Alumni Relations Committee Head: Stefanie Voeltz Fundraising Committee Head: Melyssa Keil Internet Committee Head: Erik Weiss History Committee Head: Melissa Strutz Bylaw Committee Head: Neil Schneider Education Committee Heads: Stefanie Voeltz and Neil Schneider Social Activities Committee Head: Jamie Strutz and Steve LaFond

Directing Staff for 2005
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
General Director: Aimee Miller
Music Director: Tricia Flaherty and Chris Rodey
Choral Director: Mark Quistorf and assistant Erin Wadzinski
Technical Director: Erik Weiss and assistant Brandon Behm
Choreographer: Steve LaFond and dance captain Stefanie Voeltz

Production Council for 2005
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Stage Managers: Kirsten Leifer and Erik Weiss
Costume Designer: Neil Schneider
     Assistants: Jamie Strutz, Steven Lafond
Make-up Designers: Mark Quistorf and Emilee Landon
     Assistant: Steven LaFond
Art Designer: Stefanie Voeltz
     Assistant: Steven Lafond
Set Designers: Jamie Strutz and Stefanie Voeltz
Lighting Designers: Brandon Behm and Erik Weiss
     Assistants: Erika LaPoint, Dan Heili
Sound Designer: Bryan Flaherty
Props Master: Cassie Glaeser and Ashley Schultz
     Assistant: Emilee Landon
Master Carpenter: Darrick Brunes
     Assistant: Geoffrey Diedrich

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
Act One:
Scene 1: Various locations around the duckyard. Spring.
     A Poultry Tale – Drake, Ida, Turkey, Henrietta, Maureen, Cat, Grace and Ensemble
     The Joy of Motherhood – Ida and Maureen
     Different (Pre-Reprise) – Ida
     Hold Your Head Up High – Ida, Ugly and Fish
     Look at Him – Ida, Drake, Ugly, Henrietta, Turkey, Cat, Grace, Ducklings and Maureen
     Different – Ugly
Scene 2: The Cat’s Lair, inside one of the farm buildings.
     Play With Your Food – Cat and Ugly
     Lost – Ugly
Scene 3: The duckyard, later that evening.
     The Elegy – Company
     Every Tear a Mother Cries – Ida
Scene 4: The marsh. A late summer morning.
     The Wild Goose Chase – Greylag, Dot, Snowy, Barnacles, Pinkfoot, Ugly and Cat
     Act One Finale: Hold Your Head Up High (Reprise) – Ida and Ugly

Act Two:
Scene 1: The Old Woman’s Cottage. Late Summer.
     It Takes All Sorts – Queenie and Lowbutt
     Together – Cat, Queenie and Lowbutt
Scene 2: The dockyard. Late autumn.
     The Collage – Drake, Ida and Company
Scene 3: A Collage. Various Locations.
Scene 4: A ditch on moors. Late autumn.
     Now I’ve Seen You – Ugly
     Warts and All – Bullfrog, Ugly, Froglets and Company
     The Blizzard – Company
Scene 5: The open countryside. Late autumn.
     Transformation – Ugly, Ida and Penny
     Melting Moggy – Cat
Scene 6: The duckyard. Early spring.
     Act Two Finale: Look at Him (Reprise) – Company
     Curtain Call: Warts and All (Reprise) – Company

Past Shows - 2005 Honk!
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