Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
With participation from
Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Crazy for You

music by George and Ira Gershwin
lyrics by George and Ira Gershwin
book by Ken Ludwig

August 8, 9, 10 2002 at 7:30pm
August 11 2002 at 2:00pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
I’m very proud to say that this production was completely organized by two 19-year-old girls. Now of course we had a little help, but at any rate it is an amazing fact.

Quince is a wonderful thing, it has touched many people’s lives – mine included. This is a company that gives the youth of Manitowoc County the chance to experience every aspect of theatre. It has instilled in me not only the love of theatre, but also respect.

I have had the pleasure of being a part of this company for 7 years. I want to thank my parents for putting up with all the late nights of practice and driving me to and from rehearsal all these years. I also want to thank the directing staff. At the beginning of the season I was worried because I hardly ever had to yell at people to get stuff done – I was afraid I wasn’t doing my job – Then I realized the difference was they actually did what they were supposed to do, with no pushing from me! Thank you guys for making this an amazing experience. This company has truly impacted my life and hopefully PQPC will live on so that someday, another 19-year-old girl can live her dream by producing a show.

Thank you Reed Humprey for this amazing theatre company.

Naomi LaGrow

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
It is an honor to welcome you to Peter Quince’s 34th season. This summer has been quite a learning experience for me as a first-time director. For instance, screaming at the top of my lungs for several hours a night hurts a lot and post people still won’t listen. Hard work hugs aren’t just for kindergartners; they’re for Kirsten and me too. Not everyone likes bunnies as much as I do. Counting on people to do their jobs doesn’t always work, but neither does stepping on their toes and doing their jobs for them.

The cast this season has taught me more than I could ever enumerate. Of course, most of it has nothing at all to do with theatre. I can only hope I gave them at least a fraction of what they’ve given me. This cast has made me feel like a mother of 40 children – I perpetually worry about them, I do as best as I can to take care of them, and I yell at them incessantly. They’ve also given me surges of pride that have (such as now) brought tears to my eyes. I have laughed harder with them, cried harder with them, and been angrier with them then I’ve ever been. They are and have been my life. Not a moment has gone by all summer when they weren’t in my mind. They are my good luck charms, the causes of my insanity, my friends, and most importantly, my family.

Thank you Mom and Dad for being there for me even though I almost never got to see you all summer. Thank you Marsha and Steve for being two of the most understanding and fun people that I know. Thank you Naomi for being… well, for being just like me. The biggest thank you is to the cast – I love you and am so incredibly proud of you. Thank you for those who have supported us in every way and (as always) enjoy the show!

Norah Fox
General Director

Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
Bobby ChildAaron Mueller
Bela ZanglerMatt Kappelman
Lank HawkinsDarrick Bruns
Everett BakerSteve Thiele
Polly BakerMarsha Pauly
Irene RothNaomi LaGrow
Gina FodorCaitlin Kujawski
Patricia FodorStefanie Voeltz
MotherBrianna Kurth
PerkinsMelissa Strutz

Follies Girls:
Tess Samantha Behrendt
PatsyJamie Strutz
MitziCyrena Schroeder
Elaine Rachel Foelske
Louise Nikki Tiberg
Suzie Emilee Landon
Betsy Chawna Schroeder
Margie Cari Jaeger
Shelia Amanda Wachholz
Vera Tana Stoeger
Rose Becky Gretz
Mary LeAnne Tiberg
Daisey Ashley Pankow

Harry Kate Wellner
Pete Custus Jr. Edward Lewis
Jimmy William Brad Backhaus
Moose Lee Rydzewski
Mingo Mark Quistorf
Sam Neil Schneider
Wyatt Christopher Bull

Additional Cowboys:
Angela Foelske
Jesi Dirkman
Angie Huston
Heather Nonnemacher
Erica Leist
Rachel Leist
Becca Ellenbecker
Gretchen Klein
Alissa Reinke
Morgan Wallner
Thomas Staskal

Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
Allison PalmerFlute 1
Ami JandaFulte 2
Angela SchmillClarinet 1
Robby KujawskiClarinet 2
Brad PolzarSaxophone
Nick StevensTrumpet 1
Brooke SchrammTrumpet 2
Lauren ShimulunasTrombone 1
Kari PetrashekTrombone 2
Kelly HartmanPiano
Brennan LessViolin
Emily ZuehlBass
Kevin WondrashGuitar
Nathan PetrashekSet Percussion
Emily MeierAuxiliary Percussion

Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
Costume Crew
Kirsten Leifer
Marsha Pauly
Cyrena Schroeder
Chawna Schroeder

Make-Up Crew
Emily Meier
Katie Taff

Set Crew
Darrick Bruns
Angie Huston
Gretchen Klein
Kirsten Leifer
Aaron Mueller
Kate Wellner

Painting Crew
Darrick Bruns
Norah Fox
Becky Gretz
Kirsten Leifer
Aaron Mueller
Mark Quistorf
Jamie Strutz
Missy Strutz
Stefanie Voeltz
Andy Wakeman

Running Crew
Adam Arndt
Norah Fox
Eric Konecny
Kirsten Leifer
Dan Paider
Andy Wakeman
Mark Westrick

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
President: Steve Thiele
Producer: Naomi LaGrow
Vice-President: Neil Schneider
Secretary/Treasurer: Jamie Strutz and Mark Quistorf
Public Relations Directors: Mackenzie Herzog and Marsha Pauly

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
Alumni Relations Chair: Kirsten Leifer
Fundraising Chair: Melissa Strutz
Internet Chair: Mark Westrick and Norah Fox
History Chair: Kirsten Leifer
Bylaw Chair: Naomi LaGrow
Education Chair: Marsha Pauly
Social Co-Chairs: Jamie Strutz and Mark Quistorf
     Assistant: Heather Nonnemacher

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
General Director: Norah Fox
    Assts: Kirsten Leifer, Emilee Landon, Nathan Petrashek
Musical Director: Chris Kohler
    Asst: Kevin Wondrash
Choral Director: Steve Thiele
    Asst: Mark Quistorf
Choreographer: Marsha Pauly
    Assts: Caitlin Kujawski, Stefanie Voeltz
Technical Director: Adam Arndt and Mark Westrick

Production Council
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
Stage Manager: Andrew Wakeman
Assistant Stage Managers: Dan Paider, Mark Westrick, and Norah Fox
Scenic Designers: Marsha Pauly and Andrew Wakeman
Master Carpenter: Andrew Wakeman
Art Designers: Marsha Pauly, Tim Edgar, Andy Wakeman
    Asst: Kirsten Leifer
Costume Designer: Caitlin Kujawski
    Asst: Stefanie Voeltz
Makeup Designer: Naomi LaGrow
    Asst: Neil Schneider
Lighting Designer: Andrew Wakeman
Sound Designer: Andrew Wakeman
Props Master: Jamie Strutz
    Assts: Emilee Landon and Mark Quistorf

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You

"K-ra-zy For You"Bobby
"Bidin' My Time"Cowboys
"Things Are Looking Up"Bobby
"Could You Use Me?"Bobby & Polly
"Shall We Dance?"Bobby & Polly
"Entrance to Nevada"Company
"Someone to Watch Over Me" Polly
"Slap That Bass"Bobby & Company
"Embraceable You"Bobby & Polly
"Tonight's the Night"Company
"I Got Rhythm"Polly & Company
"The Real American Folk Song (Is a Rag)"Cowboys

Past Shows - 2002 Crazy for You
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