Past Shows - 2001 High Society


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
West Foundation
With participation from
Natural Ovens, First National Bank, and Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

High Society

music by Cole Porter
lyrics by Cole Porter
book by Arthur Kopit
additional lyrics by Susan Birkenhead
based on the play "The Philadelphia Story" by Philip Barry

August 2, 3, and 4, 2001 at 7:30pm
August 5, 2001 at 2:00pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
Good evening and welcome to Peter Quince Performing Company's 33rd season! High Society is a story about change. Tracy realizes who she really is and what she wants to be. Members of Quince go through that same process of discovery. Being a member of this organization allows young people the opportunity to "play around" in different areas of theater, while learning what they are capable of. We stretch the limits of normal expectations by demanding leadership and responsibility of all our members. Each member of this year's case and crew has surpassed expectation. Their hard work is evident in the performance you are about to see. Thank you for coming and enjoy!

Kim Paré

Directors' Note from the program
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
There is something magical about the Peter Quince Performing Company, such as the way 50 or so young people, most with 10:00 curfews, can put on a show that will dazzle you with song and dance. Not only are these 12-23 year olds the actors and actresses, they are also the company. They produce, direct, design, build, paint the set, and play in the pit orchestra.

I am proud of them all and want to thank them. They built, sang, dances and played my dream's vision for this show while adding their own. A special thanks to Steve and Marsha.

Please enjoy the show tonight. Thank you for supporting community theater and the dreams of some determined and hard working young people.

Kari Wellner
General Director

Past Shows - 2001 High Society
Mother LordCaitlin Kujawski
Seth LordBrad Jorsch
TracyMarsha Pauly
DinahMackenzie Herzog
DexterJohn Cashman
GeorgeAdam Schwoerer
Uncle WillieSteve Thiele
LizEmma Starzewski
MikeRyan Clarksen
EdmundMark Quistorf
ChesterEd Lewis
StanleyNeil Schneider
PollyKim Paré
PatsyHeather Nonnemacher
Houseman 1Lee Rydzewski
MaidsKim Paré
Jamie Strutz
Melissa Strutz
Jennifer Siddons
Erin Fay
Sara Schultz
Stefanie Voeltz

Staff and Servants:
Brad Backhaus
Darrick Bruns
Jesi Dirkman
Meghan Fay
Leah Dueno
Angela Huston
Emilee Landon
Ed Lewis
Heather Nonnemacher
Mark Quistorf
Lee Rydzewski
Neil Schneider
Aubrey Schwoerer
Jed Schuett
Thomas Staskal
Krista Van Haren
Lindsey Vondrachek
Kate Wellner
Jennifer Wilson

Past Shows - 2001 High Society
Katie KunzDirector
Chelsea KluttermanViola
Brennan LessViolin I
Dawn SitkawitzViolin I
Kim LeonardViolin II
Kevin WondrashTrumpet
Kristine PalmerFlute
Allison PalmerFlute
Jamie JensenClarinet/Oboe
Kelly ThonClarinet
Robby KujawskiClarinet
Sabrina AbneyClarinet
Rachel VerhaagPiano I
Katie KrallPiano II
Katrina LeiferCello
Susanne RedmerCello
Kate KoralewskySax
Brad PolzarTenor Sax
Mark KuetherBass
Chris KolarTrombone
Kimberly KunzXylophone
Nathan PetrashekDrums

Past Shows - 2001 High Society
Costume CrewLee Rydzewski
Heather Nonnemacher
Stefanie Voeltz
Jessica Dirkman
Ryan Clarksen
Makeup CrewMolly Hetzer
Katie Taff
Heidi Nelson
Props CrewLee Rydzewski
Fund-raising CrewMarsha Pauly
Mark Quistorf
Darrick Bruns
Steve Thiele
Leah Dueno
Jennifer Wilson
Jessica Dirkman
Kate Wellner
Kari Wellner
Angie Huston
Lee Rydzewski
Sara Schultz
Jamie Strutz
Emilee Landon
Heather Nonnemacher

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
President: Ryan Clarksen
Producer: Kim Paré
Vice-President: Thomas Staskal
Secretary/Treasurer: Jamie Strutz and Mark Quistorf
Public Relations Director: Mackenzie Herzog

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
Alumni Relations Chair: Naomi LaGrow
Fundraising Chair: Melissa Strutz
     Assistant: Mackenzie Herzog
Internet Chair: Brad Jorsch
History Chair: Kirsten Leifer
Bylaw Chair: Naomi LaGrow
Education Chair: Norah Fox
Social Co-Chairs: Jamie Strutz and Mark Quistorf
     Assistant: Heather Nonnemacher

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
General Director: Kari Wellner
     Assistant: Nathan Petrashek
Musical Director: Katie Kunz
Choral Director: Steve Thiele
Choreographer: Marsha Pauly
Technical Director: Adam Arndt
     Assistant: Mark Westrick

Production Council
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
Stage Manager: Adam Arndt
Assistant Stage Managers: Norah Fox, Mark Westrick, Andy Suggitt, and Ty Voysey
Scenic Designers: Marsha Pauly and Ryan Clarksen
Master Carpenter: Ty Voysey
Art Designers: Kari Wellner
     Assistant: Misty Mallot
Costume Designers: Kim Paré
     Assistant: Angela Ferlo
Makeup Designers: Naomi LaGrow and Ryan Clarksen
     Assistant: Misty Mallot
Lighting Designer: Adam Arndt
Sound Designer: Adam Arndt
Props Master: Jamie Strutz
     Assistants: Mackenzie Herzog and Emilee Landon

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2001 High Society
"High Society"Servants
"Ridin' High"Tracy and Servants
"Throwing a Ball Tonight"Mother Lord, Tracy, Dinah, Uncle Willie,
Two Housemen and the Waiters
"Little One"Dexter and Dinah
"Who Wants To Be a Millionaire"Lix, Mike, and Servants
"I Love Paris"Dinah and Tracy
"She's Got That Thing"Uncle Willie, Dexter, and the Staff
"Once Upon a Time"Dexter
"I Worship You"George
Finale Act One/"True Love"Tracy, Dexter, and the Staff
Act Two OpeningThe Staff
"Let's Misbehave"Tracy, George, Mike, Liz, Uncle Willie,
Seth, Mother Lord, and the Staff
"I'm Getting Myself Ready for You"Uncle Willie and Liz
"Just One of Those Things"Dexter
"Well, Did You Evah?"Tracy, Liz, Uncle Willie, and the Staff
"You're Sensational"Mike
"Underscore: Let's Misbehave"The Staff, Dexter, and Mother Lord
"Say It With Gin"Uncle Willie
"Reprise: Ridin' High"Mother Lord and the Staff
"It's All Right With Me"Mike and Tracy
"He's A Right Guy"Liz
"Wedding Bells"The Staff
Finale, Act TwoTracy, Dexter, and Full Company

Past Shows - 2001 High Society
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