Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
The West Foundation, Natural Ovens, Manitowoc Cranes, First National Bank
With participation from
Weyerhaeuser, Manitowoc Ice, The Forst Inn, Dowco, Inc., and with Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

Anything Goes

Beaumont Theatre Version
music by Cole Porter
lyrics by Cole Porter
book by Guy Bolton, P.G. Wodehouse, Howard Lindsay, and Russel Crouse

August 10, 11, and 12, 2000 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Hello, and welcome to the Peter Quince Performing Company's 32nd season and Anything Goes!

This year more than ever, or so it seems, members of the company have approached me, expressing worries about next season and the future of Quince. It appears as though we have hit another one of those "mass exodus" seasons where many longtime members are moving on. Many of these members hold some of the higher positions in the company and have for many years. As such, people have been asking what Quince will do.

It's simple. Quince will go on. It's what Quince does. That's what happened when Reed left. That's what happened when Emily and Jim left. Even when Jen left so suddenly. Quince goes on.

And so, next year, no matter who comes back or who doesn't, Quince will go on. Eventually another Gadzyinski family will come along. Or perhaps a Weyenberg family. Or even a single individual for a single season. Every Quincer makes a difference in one way or another. That's what keeps Quince going.

Therefore, I thank each and every one of you for making a difference. Everyone in the audience, in the program, and those who support Quince behind the scenes has helped shape Quince into what it is today, And I thank you all for that.

Ryan Clarksen

Directors' Note from the program
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Good Evening, Ladies and Gentleman, and thank you for spending an evening with the Peter Quince Performing Company. As we finish out 32nd season, I reflect on everything Quince has meant to me. I have met my best friends through Quince. I met my fiancé through Quince. I also have unforgettable experience and memories with Quince. I hope this show tonight can give you something to remember, too. So sit back, relax, and enjoy the experience that is Peter Quince.

Travis Bernhardt
General Director

Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Billy CrockerRyan Clarksen
Hope HarcourtJamie Strutz
Evangeline HarcourtMarianne Gosz
Evelyn OakleyBen Berres
Elisha WhitleyTyler Wicihowski
Moonface MartinNathan Petrashek
Reno SweeneyKim Paré
SailorsBrad Schermetzler
Neil Schneider
Thomas Staskal
Travis Bernhardt
AngelsAngela Ferlo
Sarah Hermann
Marsha Pauly
Kari Wellner
CaptainSteve Thiele
PurserMark Quistorf
ErmaMary Zimmer
Fred the BartenderAndrew Rocheleau
GirlCaitlin Kujawski
Henry T. Dobson, the MinisterBrad Jorsch
LukeJoey Nguyen
JohnRuben Luna II
Reporter #1Amanda Miller
Reporter #2Emily Landon
Photographer #1Mackenzie Herzog
Photographer #2Naomi LaGrow
FBI Agent #1Lee Rydzewski
FBI Agent #2Hunter Morrow
Lady in WheelchairCaitlin Kujawski

Holly DeMark
Jessica Dirkman
Norah Fox
Heather Graff
Mackenzie Herzog
Brad Jorsch
Ashley Kollath
Caitlin Kujawski
Naomi LaGrow
Emily Landon
Kirsten Leifer
Misty Malott
Amanda Miller
Melissa Miller
Hunter Morrow
Heather Nonnemacher
Andrew Rocheleau
Lee Rydzewski
Melissa Strutz
Kate Wellner

Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Katie KunzDirector
Cari JaegerAssistant
Anne TraderFlute
Kristine PalmerFlute / Piccolo
Josh SwansonTenor Sax
Nick RothTrombone
Jess WondrashClarinet
Jason MuellerTrumpet
Andy LangerTrumpet
Don SiercksBass Guitar
Justin MillerPiano
Evan ColeViolin
Brennan LessViolin
Eric WindMallet Percussion
Jenny MarshallClarinet
Jamie JensenClarinet
Mike KamyszekPercussion

Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Makeup Crew Katie Taff
Elissa Ewert
Michelle Hornes
Run CrewCari Jaeger
Jed Schuette
Andy Suggitt
Ty Voysey
Mark "Fuzzy" Westrick
Jackie Hack
Norah Fox
Kevin Kimmis

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
President: Amanda Miller
Producer: Ryan Clarksen
Vice-President: Marianne Gosz
Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Herrman
Public Relations Co-Directors: Mackenzie Herzog and Jedediah Schuett

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Alumni Relations Chair: Naomi LaGrow
Social Co-Chairs: Norah Fox and Cari Jaeger
Bylaw Chair: Kimberly Paré
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Sarah Tienor and Naomi LaGrow
Education Chair: Ryan Clarksen

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
General Director: Travis Bernhardt
     Assistant: Brad Jorsch
Musical Director: Katie Kunz
     Assistant: Cari Jaeger
Choral Director: Mary Zimmer
Choreographer: Kim Paré
Technical Director: Adam Arndt

Production Council
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
Stage Manager: Adam Arndt
Assistant Stage Managers: Ty Voysey and Andy Suggitt
Scenic Designer: Ryan Clarksen
     Assistant: Kim Paré
Master Carpenter: Jason Heinzen
Art Designer: Kari Wellner
Costume Designers: Mary Zimmer and Norah Fox
Makeup Designer: Naomi LaGrow
     Assistants: Amanda Miller and Kari Wellner
Lighting Designer: Adam Arndt
Sound Designer: Adam Arndt
Props Masters: Sarah Herrman and Jamie Strutz

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
"I Get a Kick Out of You"Reno Sweeney
"There's No Cure Like Travel"Sailor, Girl and Crew
"Bon Voyage"Company
"You're the Top"Reno and Billy Crocker
"Easy to Love"Billy
"I Want to Row on the Crew" [from Paranoia]Elisha Whitney
"Sailor's Chantey"Chantey Quarter
"Friendship" [from Du Barry Was a Lady]Reno and Moonface Martin
"It's De-Lovely" [from Red, Hot and Blue]Billy and Hope Harcourt
"Anything Goes"Reno and Company
"Public Enemy Number One"Company
"Blow, Gabriel, Blow"Reno and Company
"Goodbye, Little Dream, Goodbye" [from O Mistress Mine]Hope
"Be Like the Bluebird"Moonface
"All Through the Night"Billy, Hope, Crew
"The Gypsy in Me"Lord Evelyn Oakleigh
"Buddie, Beware"Erma and Crew
Finale: "I Get a Kick Out of You" / "Anything Goes" (reprises)Company

Past Shows - 2000 Anything Goes
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