Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
Dow Co., Inc., First National Bank, Natural Ovens
With participation from
Rodgers and Hammerstein's


music by Richard Rodgers
lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
book by Oscar Hammerstein II

August 6, 7, and 8, 1998
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
Tonight is a very special night as the curtain opens on out thirtieth season. Quincers both young and old are returning to help us celebrate the event this weekend. It is a chance for us all to look back at the magic of Quince and how it has touched our lives.

Quince is no ordinary theatre company. It's dedication to providing unique opportunities to young people in all aspects of the theatre is unparalleled. It provides young people not only the chance to sink their teeth into performing, but the technical and business aspects of the theatre as well.

It also creates life long friends. Many of us met our best and dearest friends through Quince. Mounting a full scale production is the ultimate bonding experience. I for one would be a lesser man without the friendships and knowledge that Quince has brought to my life. It has shaped me as a person and touched my life and relationships profoundly, both on and off the stage.

And I know I'm not alone. Quincers marry other Quincers. Quincers bring in their friends and family. Quincers make Peter Quince their own.

So tonight, as the curtain opens and the lights go up, remember that there is more to Quince than a simple theatre company. It is a state of mind; a way of life.

So as the current generation of Quincers exits and we pass on a dream to the newest Quincers. A dream of discovery, of learning, and of personal exploration. We can only hope that Quince will mean as much to them as it has to us.

Thank you all for coming and Godspeed to all Quincers, past present and future.

Jason Myatt

Directors' Note from the program
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
Good evening and welcome to tonight's performance of Rodgers and Hammerstein's Cinderella.

Taking a significant position with the company requires a big decision, but adding in the fact that this is our thirtieth season adds a considerable amount of extra pressure. Not only do you have the entire company looking on to see how things go and the audiences paying to see things go well, you also have the alumni waiting to see if the tradition of quality shows will be continuing in the hands of the next "Quince generation."

I'd be willing to bet that most of the alumni in the audience tonight recognize very few members in the cast from their Quince years. Such is the case with this organization. When experienced people "retire", their spaces must be filled. In this way, the cycle continues as people with the next most experience fill those voids, moving right up the line. Knowing a large group will not return worries those who are returning. That is, until auditions. Then you are reminded that life goes on and so does Peter Quince.

I believe all that is left is to thank too many people. After thirty years, the list gets rather long. Thanks especially to the new, veteran, and retired Quincers. We wouldn't be here without the effort you all put in. Thank you to our Corporate Sponsors, Advertisers, Sponsors and Patrons who help make future shows possible. And finally, thanks to the ticket-buying public. We hope that you walk away from this and every show we do feeling that the money you spent to see us was a worthwhile investment.

So please sit back and watch the tradition continue.

Ryan L. Clarksen
General Director

Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
CinderellaAngela Hornes
PrinceChristopher Heimerman
The StepmotherLori Konitzer
PortiaAmity Driggers
JoyKimberly Paré
KingJason Myatt
QueenSarah Herrman
GodmotherEmma Starzewski
HeraldMarianne Gosz
ChefAndy Rocheleau
StewardGwen Weyenberg
CoachmanBrad Jorsch
FootmanChad Rathsack
PagesSarah Jansen
Emily Verch
MinisterChad Rathsack

Travis Bernhardt
Virginia Busse
Rob Clarksen
Norah Fox
Brad Jorsch
Naomi LaGrow
Amanda Miller
Jay Paré
Chad Rathsack
Andy Rocheleau
Jed Schuett
Kelly Schweda
Sarah Tienor
Kari Wellner
Gwen Weyenberg

Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
Craig ErnstDirector
Abby AlpertClarinet
Sara TripplerClarinet
Sara SchallerBass Clarinet
Amy AnschutzF Horn
Melissa CarlsonFlute
Jennifer StefaniakFlute
Katie KunzOboe
Steven NoltePercussion
Mike VogelPercussion
Jen ErdmanTrombone
Jason JaszewskiBass Trombone
Katrina DvorakTrumpet
Gudrun FreudenreichTrumpet
Jennifer PerryViola
Heather FilliezViolin

Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
Build CrewAmity Driggers
Brad Jorsch
Nathan Nolte
Jay Paré
Jed Schuett
Sarah Tienor
Dan Tess
Costume CrewJustin Miller
Kimberly Paré
Kelly Schweda
Makeup HeadElizabeth Southern
Makeup CrewKorey Hokenson
Kimberly Paré
Lynn Veith
Run CrewNathan Nolte
Dan Tess

The Executive Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
President: Kelly Schweda
Producer: Jason Myatt
Vice-President: Rob Clarksen
Secretary/Treasurer: Sarah Herrman
Public Relations Director: Kimberly Paré

The General Committee of the Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
Alumni Relations Chair: Gwen Weyenberg
Social Chair: Chad Rathsack
Bylaw Chair: Kelly Schweda
Fundraising Co-Chairs: Sarah Herrman and Kelly Schweda
Education Chair: Ryan Clarksen

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
General Director: Ryan Clarksen
Musical Director: Craig Ernst
Choral Director: Justin Miller
Choreographer: Kimberly Paré
Technical Director: Nathan Nolte

Production Council
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
Stage Manager: Erin Chupita
Assistant Stage Manager: Jason Myatt
Scenic Designers: Ryan Clarksen, Jason Myatt and Nathan Nolte
Master Carpenter: Nathan Nolte
Art Designer: Ryan Clarksen
Costume Designer: Kimberly Paré and Kelly Schweda
Makeup Designer: Ryan Clarksen
Lighting Designer: Matt Richardson
Sound Designer: Matt Richardson
Props Master: Wynn Douglas

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
"The Prince is Giving a Ball"Herald & Townspeople
"In My Own Little Corner"Cinderella
"Your Majesties"Chef, Steward, King & Queen
"Boys and Girls Like You and Me"King & Queen
"In My Own Little Corner (reprise) into Fol-De-Rol"Cinderella & Godmother
"Impossible"Cinderella & Godmother
"It's Possible"Cinderella & Godmother
"Ten Minutes Ago"Prince & Cinderella
"Stepsisters' Lament"Joy & Portia
"Do I Love You Because You're Beautiful"Prince & Cinderella
"When You're Driving Through the Moonlight"Cinderella, Stepmother, Joy & Portia
"A Lovely Night"Cinderella, Stepmother, Joy & Portia
"Do I Love You" (Reprise)Prince & Queen
"Finale - The Wedding"The Company

Past Shows - 1998 Cinderella
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