Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
Natural Ovens, Firstar Bank, Weyehauser, and First National Bank

Damn Yankees

music by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
lyrics by Richard Adler & Jerry Ross
book by Douglass Wallop & George Abbott
based on The Year the Yankees Lost the Pennant by Wallop

August 5, 6, 7, 1993 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Good evening. It is with great pleasure that we welcome you to tonight's performance of "Damn Yankees". This has been an extra-special summer for the Peter Quince Performing Company. This season is our 25th and to celebrate, we have invited our alumni back to Manitowoc. We have over 1,000 alumni scattered all over the globe. This weekend they will come back from as far as California, the east coast, even Norway. Welcome back Quincers! We hope you enjoy this trip down memory lane.

All quincers, old a new, know how much time and effort go into the show. Everyone works hard and gives up free time to make the company a success. And every year there's a couple of people who go above and beyond the usual dedication. These Quincers will do tasks that aren't "their's" and only complain a little. These are the true leaders of PQPC and without them, there wouldn't be a 25th anniversary to celebrate.

"Damn Yankees" is lovingly dedicated to one of those "super-Quincers." Jennifer M. Brodtke came up to the company last year and did everything that needed doing. She cleaned everyone else's paint brushes, cleaned up our messy files (in more ways than one), spent every available minute with us, and was featured dancer in last year's production. Jen was loved by everyone and was selected producer for this season. But on January 28, 1993, Jennifer died in a tragic car accident. We dedicate this show and all our love and support to her memory and to her family. Thank You, Jennifer, for all you did. We love you.

Thank you also to everyone who helps Quince in any way. Thank you to all the local businesses, everyone at the mall and the Capitol, our sponsors and patrons, our parents, and most of all the company for working so hard.

To all the Quincers, old and new, thank you for making the dream a reality.

Melissa Lynn Brunner and Ann Hagen, Co-Producers

Directors' Note from the program
Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Good evening ladies and gentlemen, on behalf of this year's company I would like to welcome each and every one of you to tonight's performance of "Damn Yankees".

Putting the show together this year, as always, has been an enjoyable challenge. Thanks to the cast, technical crew, and the pit for all of their time and hard work. We are Peter Quince and once again we've done it guys!

I'd also like to thank the following people for their patience and caring: my family, mom, dad, Jill, Bryce (I'm so proud of you - break a leg!), my staff, Andrea, Ann, Jill (Again), Hilde, James, my "special friend" Jennifer, plus, Becky, Jaycen, Choke, John, Matt, Bobby, Bill Craig, Jennifer, Justin, the Stinky Club, Kay, Karen, Mel, Kari, and Jenny.

Lastly, I'd like to recognize the hard work Jen Brodtke and how the dream we shared came to life. God bless you, you are forever in my heart.

Not sit back, relax, and enjoy the show!

Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Joe Boyd William Hagen
Meg Boyd Rebecca Gosz
Mr. Applegate Keith Mullenbach
Sister Karen Stecker
Doris Julie Brefczynski
Joe Hardy Mike Kosloski
Henry Jim Trader
Sohovik Michael Chojacki
Smokey Craig Nickels
Linville Jaycen Myatt
VanBuren Noah Miller
Rocky Keith Weber
Gloria Thorpe Katherine Stockman
Lynch Gerald Nachtwey
Welch John Brodtke
Bryant Robert Maloney
Lola Sara Moilanen
Bouley Matt Lange
Lowe Drew Douglas
Mickey Paul Brodtke
Miss Weston Jessica Cotter
Commissioner Caycen Myatt
Postmaster Michael Chojnacki
Guard Paul Brodtke
Dancers Jenise Seehaver
Gwen Weyenberg
Chorus Laura Henrickson
Sarah Herman
Katie Hoffman
Valorie Mueller
Angela Myers
Jennifer Nickels
Justin Nickels
KLelly Schweda
Jenise Seehaver
Heidi Treptow
Bryce VandenBoom
Emily Wagner
Gwen Weyenberg

Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Mita Shah Violin
Natasha Wiederholt Violin
Jill VandenBoom Violin
Tammy Erdmann Cello
Tanya Liermann Flute and Piccalo
Lynn Kowach Clarinet
Kip Kosek Alto Sax
Lori Ritter Temor Sax
Jay Bell Trumpet
Jamie Groth Trumpet
Ann Blanchard Trombone
Jeff Rahmlow Trombone
Nancy Luchsinger Trombone
Jennifer Backus Bass Guitar
Don Seiler Percussion

Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
James Schweda Mark Danielson
Jenny Beebe Dawn Aumann
Nick DeMark Matt Lange
Jessica Wright Penny Brusky
Jason Taylor Michelle Matte
Becky Kafka Kay Meyer
Paul Brodtke Ron Nixon

Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Andrea Kinzel Jill VandenBoom
Angela Myers Karen Stecker
Lori Ritter Noah Miller
Mike Kosloski Valorie Mueller
Keith Weber Debi VanDenBoom
Bobby Maloney Katherine Stockman
John Brodtke Jenise Seehaver
Bill HAgen Laura Henrickson
Becky Gosz  

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Producers Ann Hagen
Melissa Brunner
President Mike Chojnacki
Vice President Jill VandenBoom
Secretary/Treasurer Emi Wagner
Public Relations John Brodtke
Bill Hagen
General Director Debi VanDenBoom
Alumni Reunion Coordinator Becky Gosz

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
General Director Debi VanDenBoom
Assistant Director Andrea Kinzel
Choral Director Jim VandenBoom
Choreographer Hilde Radandt
Orchestra Director Ann Hagen
Assistant Orchestra Director Jennifer Backus
Technical Director James Schweda
Assistant Technical Director Paul Brodtke

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees
Act 1
Scene One: Meg's House

     "Six Months Out of Every Year" .......... Meg, Joe, Chorus
     "Goodbye, Old Girl" .......... Joe
Scene two: Baseball Park
     "Heart" and "Heart Encore" .......... VanBurer, Rocky, SMokey, Linville
Scene Three: The Dugout
     "Shoeless Joe from Hanniball, Mo" .......... Gloria, Baseball Players
Scene Four: The Park
Scene Five: Welch's Office

     "A Man Doesn't Know" .......... Joe Hardy
Scene Six: The Park
     "A Little Brains, A Little Talent" .......... Lola
Scene Seven: Meg's House
     "A Man Doesn't Know" (reprise) .......... Joe, Meg
Scene Eight: Locker Room
Scene Nine: Locker Room

     "Whatever Lola Wants" .......... Lola
Scene Ten: Talent Show Rehersal
     "Heart" (reprise) ......... Sister, Children
Scene Eleven: Talent Show

Act II
Scene 1: Locker Room

     "The Game" .......... Ball Players
Scene 2: The Park
     "Near To You" .......... Meg, Joe
Scene 3: Applegate's Apartment
     "Those Were the Good Old Days" .......... Applegate
Scene 4: THe Courtroom
Scene 5: Limbo
Scene 6: Nightclub

     "Two Lost Souls" .......... Lola, Joe
Scene 7: Ticket Line
Scene 8: The Park
Scene 9: The Dugout
Scene 10: Locker Room
Scene 11: Meg's House

     "A Man Doesn't Know" (fanale) ........... Meg, Joe
     "Heart" .......... Cast

Past Shows - 1993 Damn Yankees

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