Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack


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In association with
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Leader of the Pack

The Ellie Greenwich Musical
music by Ellie Greenwich & Friends
lyrics by Ellie Greenwich & Friends
book by Anne Beatts
additional material by Jack Heifner
based on the original play by Melanie Mintz

August 6, 7, and 8, 1992 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
Good evening. It is with great pleasure - and pride - that I welcome you to tonight's performance of "Leader of the Pack."

Tonight's performance is more than the actors and actresses singing and dancing on stage. True, that is the product of two months long rehearsals, frequent frustrations and countless hours of worry. But more than that, it is a spirit, an emotion. It is the realization of a dream -- the intangible deep inside of you that you have always wanted but could never reach. Tonight, if only for a moment, we hope you may lose yourself in the magic that is theater and realize that dream with us. For this realization is the direct result of your generous support.

I would like to personally thank all of the area businesses I have dealt with for making this year so rewarding. I especially thank Lee Davis, Don Seehafer, and Barbara Stitt for their helpful advice. To Bill Lamberg, I give my sincere gratitude for the guidance he has offered the company over the past three years -- he will be missed. Last, but not least, to Stephanie (and he kidney), my parents, Zumunda and Phil, thank you for your unconditional love and support.

To all Quincers, old and new, and all those who have let the magic into their hearts, may your dreams never die.

Melissa Lynn Brunner

Directors' Note from the program
Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
Good evening, Ladies and Gentlemen, and welcome to tonight's performance of "Leader of the Pack."

Tonight's performance is the product of two of the most interesting and challenging months of my life; yet with the dedication, hard work, and talent of the cast and crew, my life was made a little easier. Thank you all so very, very much.

I would like to thank the directing staff: Hilde, who I've put on the spot many times; Ann, for working from overseas (you know what I mean); Emily, for doing so much in so little time; and Debi, who was always there when I needed someone to talk to and throw ideas off of.

Also, a big thank you goes to you, the audience, for coming and supporting youth theater. Without you, there would be no Peter Quince. So sit back, relax, enjoy the show, and let yourself remember the good times you had listening to these songs.

Michele A. Brunner
General Director

Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
Darlene LoveMelissa Brunner
Annie GoldenSara Moilanen
Young Ellie GreenwichDebi VanDenBoom
Rosie, Ellie's motherJessie Smith
ShelleyKelly Hofmann
MickeyJill VanDenBoom
Jeff BarryEric Weyenberg
Gus SharkeyMichael Chojnacki
DJ voiceJohn Brodtke
WaiterBill Hagen
Lounge SingerAndrea Kinzel
Dance CoupleJennifer M. Brodtke
John Brodtke
GinaBecky Gosz
Ellie GreenwichDebi VanDenBoom

Dawn Aumann
John Brodtke
Paul Brodtke
Bill Hagen
Sarah Herrman
Tanya Hoyer
Tracy Johnson
Mike Kosloski
Jennifer M. Brodtke
Michelle Matte
Angela Myers
Julie Schmidt
Amanda Tamblingson
Jim Trader
Heidi Treptow
Kelly Waddle
Emily Wagner
Keith Weber
Gwen Weyenberg

Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
Ann HagenDirector
Jeremy SatchellPiano
Tanya LiermannFlute
Janet TrembleyClarinet
Kurt KarstAlto and Tenor Sax
Lori RitterTenor Sax
Jay BellTrumpet
Noah MillerTrumpet
Jason MyattTrombone
Katie LeClairGuitar
Keith MuellenbachBass Guitar
Jon-Paul LeClairDrums
Don SeilerPercussion
Liz KullSynthesizer

Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
Jennifer Beebe
Jenni Hinstorff
Lori Ritter
Megan Spong

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
Producer: Melissa Lynn Brunner
General Director: Michele Brunner
President: Michael Chojnacki
Vice-President: Ann Hagen
Secretary/Treasurer: Angela Myers
Public Relations Co-Directors: Jill VandenBoom and Becky Gosz

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
General Director: Michele Brunner
Musical Director: Ann Hagen
Choral Director: Emily Kosloski
Choreographer: Hilde Radandt
Technical Director: Debi VanDenBoom

Production Council
Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
"Be My Baby"Annie and Girls
"Wait 'Til My Bobby Gets Home"Darlene and Company
"A. . .My Name is Ellie"Young Ellie
"Jivette Boogie Beat"Young Ellie, Shelley, & Mickey
"Why Do Lovers Break Each Others' Hearts"Darlene and Company
"Today I Met the Boy I'm Gonna Marry"Darlene and Company
"I Want to Love Him So Bad"Young Ellie and Girls
"Do Wah Diddy"Jeff and Guys
"And Then He Kissed Me"Young Ellie and Girls
"Hanky Panky"Jeff and Guys
"Not Too Young (To Get Married)"Darlene and Girls
"Chapel of Love"Company
"Baby I Love You"Annie and Girls
"Leader of the Pack"Annie and Company
"Maybe I Know"Annie and Girls
"Look of Love"Lounge Singer
"Christmas - Baby Please Come Home"Darlene and Girls
"I Can Hear Music"Jeff, Annie, Lounge Singer, Dance Couple
"Rock of Rages"Young Ellie
"Keep it Confidential"Gina and Company
"Da Doo Ron Ron"Ellie and Company
"What a Guy"Ellie and Company
"River Deep Mountain High"Darlene and Company
"We're Gonna Make It (After All)"Ellie, Darlene, Annie and Company

Past Shows - 1992 Leader of the Pack
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