Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.

Diamond Studs

book by Jim Wann
music and lyrics by Jim Wann and Bland Simpson

August 4 & 5 at 7:30pm
Capitol Civic Centre

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs
Good evening ladies and gentleman.  On behalf of the Peter Quince Performing Company I would like to welcome you to tonight's performance of DIAMOND STUDS.  This musical marks Quince's 21st season of existence and we have you to thank.  If it was not for our audiences, Quince would not be around today.
Tonight's performance is the culmination of seven weeks of practice.  Weeks of hard work and lots of fun, but weeks we hope will pay off tonight.  I will not be watching tonight's performance because I am in the musical, as Cole Younger.  And so on behalf of the cast, I wish you an enjoyable evening of entertainment.  Sit back, relax, and let us take you to a time of funs and train robbers, the time of Jesse James.
Welcome to Diamond Studs.
Craig Weyenberg

Directors' Notes from the program
Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs
Welcome to our production of DIAMOND STUDS.  This is Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd's 21st season.  There have been many changes over the past 21 years, but our main goal remains the same -- to entertain the people of our community and to give our youth a start in theater.  At this time, I would like to thank the directing staff, orchestra, and cast for all of their hard work, dedication, and patience.  I would also like to thank everyone here tonight for without your support there would be no show to put on.  So rustle up your seat, kick off your boots, and enjoy our version of the Wild West!
Matthew Gadzinski

Being a General Director of the Peter Quince Performing Company is both a privilege and an honor.  An honor as a senior member of the company and a privilege of overseeing all activities.
Matt and I chose DIAMOND STUDS to utilize the overwhelming advantage of our company -- the energy of youth.  The youth in our company (and the whole lakeshore) perform best in energetic musicals such as DIAMOND STUDS
William Weyenberg

Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs
Jesse James Mike Gregurich
C.C. Porkbarrel Kevin Plekan
Bob Ford Eric Weyenberg
Allen Pinkerton Tom Dewane
Major Edwards Michael Brunner
Zerelda James Christine Maloney
Cole Younger Craig Weyenberg
Jim Younger Jeremy Satchell
Bob Younger Robert Sitzman
Berny Greencheese Jarod Hermann
William Clark Quantrill Jarod Hermann
Zee James Amy Ohlemacher
Frank James Matthew Robisch
Belle Starr Melyssa Wergin
Gonzales Robert Walkner
Marshall Murphy John Salzman
Pappy Nathan Kinzel
Chorus Abby Nelson
Sara Moilanen
Andrea Kinzel
Saundra Caswell
Kris Kahlenberg
Melissa Brunner
Debi Vandenboom
Melissa Roberts
Jill Simmet
Jenny Huske
Ginger Jazdzewski
Dayna Wilker

Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs
Kristin Barnes Violin
Matt Schroeder Guitar
Nathan Kinzel Piano
Keith Muellenbach Bass Guitar
J.P. LeChair Percussion

Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs
Chairman of the Board/Producer: Craig Weyenberg
Assistant Producer/President: Robert Sitzman
Vice President: Michael Gregurich
Secretary/Treasurer: Thomas Dewane
Public Relations Directors: Kay E Simmet and Jeremy Graff

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs
General Directors: William Weyenberg and Matthew Gadzinski
Choral Director: Jenny Kees
Orchestra Director: Brett Muellenbach
Choreographer: Dayna Wilker
Technical Directors: Michele Brunner and Lori Hebel

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs

Past Shows - 1989 Diamond Studs

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