Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In cooperation with
Music Theatre International

The Pajama Game

music by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
lyrics by Richard Adler and Jerry Ross
book by George Abbot and Richard Bissell

Dates n/a
Show location n/a

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game

I would like to welcome you this evening to the 16th season of Peter Quince Performing Company Ltd. and the presentation of The Pajama Game. In my third year of Peter Quince, I have been honored and privileged to work with many talented people. I have found that the youth of the lakeshore area are very talented, with a lot of energy to back it up.

From the time I joined Peter Quince as a chorus member in Dames at Sea and The Boyfriend, i have seen what dedication, self-discipline, and a sense of pride can do. This spirit seems to show through at the strangest times. All of the frustration, sweat, and hard work seem priceless as soon as the curtain rises. Whire reading this, the excitement and energy in the dressing rooms is building to a high that few people experience. You will have the opportunity to feel this energy as the curtain rises and the performers take you away.

I have seen all the facets, from the business end to raw construction, and I know that a lot of people go unnoticed. So now I would like to add a personal thank-you to all of those who helped, but will not be physically seen on stage. For without them a curtain could not rise and no show would be.

I would like to close by dedicating this show, not to all who have won or lost, but to those who have tried. For trying is our first and biggest hurdle we have to overcome to reach all of our dreams.

Thank You,
Enjoy the Show,

Jeffrey A. Blashka
Producer and Chairman of the Board

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
Good Evening and Welcome to the Pajame Game!

About eight weeks ago, we had our first read-through of the play you are about to see this evening. At that time, I felt that I had something special on my hands and I haven't lost that feeling since. We have a lot of new people this year, with a new type of enthusiasm. For all of the hard work and long hours put in, I would just like to thank my cast, our crews, and a few people who know who they are who put in an extra effort to keep the momentum going our way. I hope you enjoy the show.

Thank you for coming,
Tim Gadzinski

Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
HinesDavid Burtard
PrezMike Witczak
JoeJohn Hanson
HaslerDavid Bouffard
GladysLiz Sonnenberg
Sid SorokinTodd Cornils
MabelJoanne Tait
First HelperRick Jump
Second HelperLee Anthony
CharliePete Salkowski
Babe WilliamsBrenda Butard
MaeMichelle Egger
BrendaKatrina Van Dreel
PoopsieMaura Mansfield
SalesmanMatt Gadzinski
PopJohn Higgins


Christine Hamann
Carla Hansen
Tiffany Hiller
Shana Mansfield
Terry Naidl
Laurie Sydow
Mary Thuermer
Mary Vohen
David Schrankler
Bob Sitzman
Bill Weyenberg
Tim Wollersheim

Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
Perry SmithDirector
Paul S. HanstedtDirector
Mark LechnerRehersal Pianist
Kathy StangelClarinet/Tenor Sax
Jim PurchatzkeBass Clarinet/Baritone Sax
Lisa ShawFlute
Barry PohlmannGuitar
Stephanie TaddyAlto Sax/Bass Clarinet
Dave JorschTrombone
Steve PlankTrombone/Baritone
Bryan SchultzTrombone
Steve WoodTrumpet
Bill PohlmannViolin
Jessie ShimekViolin
Shannon MealyClarinet/Saxophone
Jolene PurchatzkeFlute/Piccolo
Kit CoffinAlto Saxophone
Amy FosterViolin

Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
Office StaffMike Birch
Jeff Blashka
Barb Dvorak
Michelle Egger
Matt Gadzinski
Tim Gadzinski
Cathi Guertin
Chris Hamann
John Higgins
Dave Neuser
Barb Nickels
Pete Salkowski
Dave Schrankler
Lori Sitzman
Sue Swokowski
Lauri Sydow
Joanne Tait
Mary Vohen
Mike Witczak
Andy Wood
Steve Wood
Karen Woznick
Carolyn Wright
Public RelationsJeff Blashka
Tim Gadzinski
Maura Mansfield
Pete Salkowski
Lori Sitzman
Katrina Van Dreel
PropsJeff Blashka
Matt Gadzinski
Tim Gadzinski
Maura Mansfield
Make-upAmy Alfson
Brenda Burtard
Amy Clark
Ann Fritsch
Laura Schwantes
Matthew Slattery
Joanne Tait
Karen Woznick
CostumesConnie Boutin
Amy Clark
Michelle Egger
Tim Gadzinski
Liz Sonnenberg
Katrina Van Dreel
UshersAmy Clark
Nicki Egger
Lauri Neubert
Barb Nickels
Laura Schwantes
Matthew Slattery
Steven K. Thompson
ArtMatt Gadzinski
ProgramsJeff Blashka
Tim Gadzinski

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
President: David J.P. Neuser
Producer: Jeff Blashka
    Assistant: Dave Neuser
Vice-President: Maura Mansfield
Secretary/Treasurer: Joanne Tait
Public Relations: Dave Bouffard

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
General Director: Tim Gadzinski
Choral Director: Adam Miller
Orchestra Directors: Paul Hanstedt and Perry Smith
Choreographers: Mary Thuermer and Tina Hiller
Technical Director: Shannon Mealy

Production Council
Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
Office Manager: Maura Mansfield
House Manager: Amy Clark
Programs: Kathi Johnson
Make-up: Natalie Podner and Renee Rydzewski
Public Relations: Dave Bouffard and Matt Gadzinski
Props: Mike Witczak
Costumes: Mike Witczak
Art: Brenda Burtard and David Burtard

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game
"The Pajama Game"Hines
"Racing With The Clock"Girls and Boys Chorus
"A New Town Is A Blue Town"Sid
"I'm Not At All In Love"Babe
"I'll Never Be Jealous Again"Hines and Mabel
"Hey There"Sid
"Her Is"Prez and Gladys
"Once A Year Day"Company
Reprise: "Her Is"Prez and Mae
"Small Talk"Sid and Babe
"There Once Was A Man"Sid and Babe
Reprise: "Hey There"Sid
"Steam Heat"Gladys, Prez, and Joe
Reprise: "Hey There"Babe
"Think Of The Time I Save"Hines and Girls Chorus
"Hernando's Hideaway"Sid, Gladys, and Comapny
"Seven And One Half Cents"Babe, Prez, Boys and Girls Chorus
"The Pajama Game"Entire Company

Past Shows - 1984 The Pajama Game

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