Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
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The Boy Friend

by Sandy Wilson

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Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
As the curtain opens this evening, it is difficult for most of our Company to look back fifteen years to that time when the Peter Quince Performing Company experienced its birth. What began as a dream in the minds of founders Reed Humphrey and Emily Mueller has grown into a tradition in youth theatre which has miraculously been repeated for fourteen seasons. Once again, in our fifteenth production, we wish to recreate this miracle in a spirit of excellence realizing that it has been made possible through the generosity of the people in our audience this evening. We, the members of the Peter Quince Performing Company, take this moment to offer you our standing ovation -- the actor's greatest tribute -- in recognition of your enthusiastic support of theatre in the youth.


Steven J. Gerndt
Producer/Chairman of the Board

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
My first exposure to the "spirit" of Peter quince and the magic of the theatre was when I was eleven years old and a street urchin in PQPC's fifth anniversary production of "Oliver!" Ten years and ten shows later I find myself still under the magic spell of Quince and theatre, having the privilege of being Director for this season's production. Tonight you will see a group of individuals who, like the first Quincers, have the "spirit" . . . courage, creativity, and dedication . . . the factors which make Quince what it is. It is to these people, both past and present Quincers, to whom I owe a great deal of thanks for giving me one of the most important experiences in my life. Thank you!

James A. Schuette
General Director

Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
HortenseMarilyn Larsen
DulcieJoanne Tait
FayConnie Boutin
Maisie MerryweatherSandy Sporleder
NancyLaurie Sydow
Polly BrowneKatrina Van Dreel
Madame DubonnetAndrea Gadzinski
Bobby Van HusenStephen M. Reed
Pervical BrowneTim Gadzinski
Tony BrockhurstKevin Vogt
MarcelDave Neuser
LouisTodd Blashka
PierreJeff Blashka
AlphonseMike Witczac
Lady BrockhurstCathy Pollock
Lord BrockhurstDave Bouffard
Gendarme, WaiterBill Weyenberg
LolitaConnie Boutin

Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
Brian Van EllsDirector
David BohnRehearsal Pianist
Kathy StangelWoodwind
Lisa MillerWoodwind
Shannon MealyWoodwind
Stephanie ToddyWoodwind
Tom BenchmanTrumpet
Paul HanstedtTrumpet
David BohnViolin
Melanie WilsonPiano
Phil BarnhartPiano
Joe DoctorDrums
Mike ArndtPercussion
Bryan SchultzTrombone

Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
Natalie Podner
Renee Rydzewski
Patty Meissner
Jodie Mueller
Kari Kotarek
Tammy Bloch
Brenda Haese
Peter Leschke
Andy Luchsinger
David Sitzman
Matthew Gadzinski
Shawn O'Neil
Wayne Heili
Lydia Van Dreel
Michael Hanley
Barb Nickels
Steve Wood
Vess Miller

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
Producer/Chairman of the Board: Steve Gerndt
President: Mary Pat Stangel
Vice-President/Business Manager: Jona Haese
Public Relations Director: Barb Kurth
Treasurer: Jeff Blashke
Secretary: Mike Witczac

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
General Director: James Schuette
Orchestra Director: Brian Van Ells
Choreographer: Tara Brennan
Technical Director: Shannon Mealy
     Assistant: Cathi Guertin

Production Council
Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
Costume Design and Construction: Jona Haese and Stephen Reed
Make-up: Patty Waldmann and Carol Olson
Stage Manager: Tom Sobel
Lighting Technician: Greg Masslich
Programs and Graphic Arts: James Schuette

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend
"Perfect Young Ladies"Maisie, Nancy, Dulcie, Fay, Hortense
"The Boy Friend"Polly and Ensemble
"Won't you Charleston with me?"Bobby and Maisie
"Fancy Forgetting"Madame Dubonnet and Percival Browne
"I could be happy with you"Polly and Tony
Act I FinaleCompany
"Sur le Plage"Ensemble
"A Room in Blooomsbury"Polly and Tony
"You don't want to play with me blues"Madame Dubonnet, Percival, Dulcie, Fay, Nancy
"Safety in Numbers"Maisie and Boys
Act II FinaleCompany
"The Riviera"Ensemble
"It's never too late to fall in love"Lord Brockhurst and Dulcie
"The Carnival Tango"Lolita and Ensemble
"Poor Little Pierrette"Madame Dubonnet and Polly
Act III FinaleCompany

Past Shows - 1983 The Boy Friend

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