Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In cooperation with
the Samuel French, Inc.

Dames at Sea

music by J. Wise
lyrics by G. Haimsohn and R. Miller
book by G. Haimsohn and R. Miller

Show dates n/a
Show location n/a

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
Good Evening!

Welcome to out fourteenth season and to DAMES AT SEA! It is your support that has brought Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd. this far, and which continues to inspire us to strive for excellence in education, cooperation, leadership, and performance.

This company, which consists solely of young adults ages 13-21, fought seemingly impossible odds in its first year to produce THE UNSINKABLE MOLLY BROWN. At that time, I was too young to be a member of Quince, and wasn't of the frame of mind to appreciate theatre, anyway. But now, in what I see as my last year in Quince, I feel no more than a heartbeat away from the dreams of those who began Quince, dreams which now guide my heart, mind, and body.

I am not sure how it is that Quince has affected me so. I know I have learned respect, discipline, and the pride that goes along with these. I have experienced the satisfying, yet sometimes lonely role of leadership, and the magic of friendship. Perhaps, as I feel the many abstractions coalesce into one, I feel confident in saying I have learned to love.

I hope that others can be inspired as I have been. Bit it seems theatre can be a risky business--I know that these wonderful Quincers do not receive more than a fraction of the credit due them. The rewards, though, will come--the skills these young people learn will carry them far, whatever their goals may be. The curtain fall is not an ending, but a beginning.

As for me, I will be satisfied if one child laughs, or one face flushes with pride.

Let the curtain open, and the dream begin!

Christopher Carey

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
Good Evening and Welcome!

Parody, a blend of comedy and sarcasm, is the gentle art of making light of ourselves. This is the element that has made this show so enjoyable for us to direct, for the cast to perform, and for you to view. We don't miss anyone from Claudette or Cary, to Fred and Ginger, or even Busby Berkely.

Now, our job is done and, as we sit here waiting for the curtain to go up, we recall the sleepless nights when we picked the cast; the times we thought we just couldn't go through a scene again; our promise that we were changing the blocking for the last time; and holding rehearsal in the hallway.

And there was Robert's mother knowing enough not to ask what he's doing home with fifteen mops and a mile of sequin, Laurie's mom giving us strange looks as we danced in the kitchen with those mops. And, finally, we ask ourselves, "Was it all worth it?"

You bet it was!! We're sure you'll feel the same way!

Robert Roidt
General Director
Laurie Hess
Assistant to the General Director

Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
Mona KentAndrea Gadzinski
JoanBecky Kuchenbecker
HenneseyDave Bouffard
DickKevin Vogt
LuckeyDave Burtard
CaptainJames Schuette
RubyLori Sitzman
Script girlBetsy Gigure

Dave Neuser
Tim Gadzinski
Todd Blashka
Dave Sitzman
Perry Smith
Greg Rank
Jeff Blashka
Kevin Plekan
Wayne Heili
Mike Witczak
Chris Maloney
Sara Gigure
Marilyn Larsen
Sue Jacobi
Cheryl Demsien
Sue Owaski
Shannen Kuchenbecker
Pam Schultz
Lisa Weyenberg
Sandy Sporleder

Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
Mike DixonDirector
David BohnRehearsal Pianist
Brian Van EllsTrombone
Tom BechmanTrumpet
Lydia Van DreelFrench Horn
Diane RolstonClarinet
Randy DittmannTrumpet
Jerry DittmannSaxophone
Leslie HoffmanFlute
Brian BronsonViola
Jeff KowitzViolin
Sandy RolstonFlute
Tom SobelPiano
Kate GarrettViolin
Rae Ann Van EllsBassoon/Percussion
Laurie OlsonFrench Horn

Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
Public RelationsAnne Schranker
Lisa Hynic
Carla Vogt
Brenda Renolds
Mike Witczac
Kevin Vogt
Greg Rank
Steve Gernt
Barb Kurth
Office StaffNancy Boldt
Tara Brennan
Ann Fritsch
Tim Gadzinski
Steve Gernt
Brenda Reynolds
Erin Russel
Scott Singer
Carla Vogt
Sarah Weinert
Mike Witczac
Cheri Wolf
Sue Owaski
PropsErin Russell
James Schuette
MakeupKelly Weston
Carol Olson
Trish Waldman
Shannon Crowley
Sarah Weinert
Erin Russel
UshersSteve Swetlik
Rick Bartol
Barry Link
Dan Morgan
Laura Gotchy
Carla Vogt
Brenda Renolds
ProgramsBecky Stone
Chris Hammon
Chris Gary
Laurie Hess
Steve Gernt
James Schuette
Jone Haese
PhotographySteve Demsein
Mike LaDuke

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
Producer: Christopher Garey
President: Steve Gerndt
Vice-President/Business Manager: Barb Kurth
Secretary/Treasurer: Ann Fritsch
Public Relations: Erin Russell and Cathy Weinert

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
General Director: Robert Roidt
     Assistant: Laurie Hess
Choral Director: Bruce Schlei
Orchestra Director: Mike Dixon
     Assistant: Brian Van Ells
Choreographer: Tara Brennan
Technical Director: Mike Mealy

Production Council
Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
House Manager: Brian Perry
Office Manager: Lisa Kaufman
Stage manager: Scott Singer
Makeup: Connie Olson and Mary Pat Stangel
Costumes: Jona Haese
Programs: Mary Pat Stangel
Head Usher: Steve Gerndt

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea
"Wall Street"Mona
"It's You"Dick and Ruby
"Broadway Baby"Dick
"That Mister Man of Mine"Mona and Chorus
"Choo-Choo Honeymoon"Joan and Luckey
"The Sailor of My Dreams"Ruby
"Singapore Sue"Luckey and Company
"Good Times are Here to Stay"Joan and Company
"Dames at Sea"Company
"The Beguine"Captain and Mona
"Raining in my Heary"Ruby and Chorus
"There's Something About You"Dick and Ruby
"Raining in My Heart" (reprise)Ruby
"The Echo Waltz"Mona, Joan, Ruby and Company
"Star Tar"Ruby and Chorus
"Let's Have a Simple Wedding"Company

Past Shows - 1982 Dames at Sea

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