Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
In association with
With participation from


music by Richard Rodgers
Book and Lyrics by Oscar Hammerstein II
based on Lynn Riggs' "Green Grow the Lilacs"

Dates n/a
Show location n/a

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Good Evening!

     I welcome you tonight to join the Peter Quince Performing Co., Ltd. In its production of OKLAHOMA! It is with your presence that the company marks its twelfth season.

     The Peter Quince Performing Co., Ltd. is indeed a unique organization. This company is perhaps the only one in the country that enables young adults, under the age of twenty-two, to manage a large budget, greater than $7,000.00, as well as to carry out all the other responsibilities involved in producing and publicizing a musical production, totally void of any adult supervision. Each individual member of the company, whether in the cast, on the construction crews, selling ads for the program or selling tickets in the office, puts in many long hours of work, each hour being necessary for the total production to be as complete and of the high quality the company has shown in the past.

     The first "Quincers" have been described as spirited dreamers. They showed their dream to the community and set it into motion in 1969. Since that time, the present "Quincers" have allowed that dream to become a reality. The Peter Quince Performing Co., Ltd. has proved to be a successful and worthwhile organization of this community. It offers much to the young people of the area who have been involved. It gives us an opportunity to grow in a special way, to share our time and talents with our peers and the surrounding community.

     It is difficult to explain what being a Quincer really means. Being a Quincer brings a special maturity to each one of us. It allows us to grow in confidence and closeness with one another. Each individual member holds a responsibility to the company, and in this feels a certain closeness within the company. It is this closeness which builds what we call "the spirit of Quince," and it is this spirit that allows for the continued success of the company.

     To a Quincer the years between the ages of thirteen and twenty-two are like a chapter of his or her life. In those years much is learned and shared, the enthusiasm and joy, as well as, the frustrations. Many lasting relationships have been made. So, as each one of us reaches our age of retirement, we feel a chapter of our life end. We are no longer able to share the full excitement and enthusiasm that goes into each Quince production. But, we will always have the memories and the maturity we have gained, and as the curtain continues to rise, we will be able to share those memories. As the curtain rises tonight, each one of can feel a feeling of great accomplishment, every individual of the company, each one of you for your continued support, and especially our parents, for their continued support and advice.

     It is with tonight's performance that the Peter Quince Performing Co., Ltd. wishes to share this special reality of a dream come true with you. During the performance, it is my hope you will be able to feel, or gain and understanding, of what being a Quincer means to each one of us. Thank you for sharing this with us.

Enjoy the show!
Cindy Gerndt
Chairman of the Board

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Good Evening!

We would like to take you back to the time when the western states were only territories----the time of hoe-downs and steer roping.

With pioneer-like determination, we have worked hard for this evenings performance. Working together we have changed "can't" to "cain't," "scared" to "skeered," and a young mid-western cast to a group of singing and dancing territory folk.

Not to say that all of this happened overnight...there were many times when we heard, "But Anne said..." or "But Tara told me..." The reply was often, "we know, but this will be the last time we will change our minds."

Through our previous stage experience, both of us knew that the "behind-the-scenes" work was important. It took this summer to show us just how important it was. To those who have helped us to fill our needs and particularly the parents who have put up with the long hours and seemingly unrelated movement of feet with what seems to be an unfamiliar rendition of a familiar show tune we would like to give our own standing ovation.

Now that the finishing touches have been applied, this show is for you. Sit back and relax. When the music begins and the lights come up, there will be a bright, golden haze on the meadow.

Tara and Anne


Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Kerri Rex Aunt Eller
Bruce Schlei Curly
Debbie JohnsonLaurey
Steve Gerndt Ike Skidmore
Dave BouffardSlim
Tim GadzinskiWill Parker
Drew Keith Jud Fry
Sue Bursek Ado Annie Carnes
Howard SigmanAli Hakim
Jill Park Gertie Cummings
James SchuetteAndrew Carnes
Chris Garey Cord Elam
Erin Russell Jessica, Can-Can Girl
Cathy Arndt Angie, Can-Can Girl
Mindy Nelson Faye, Can-Can Girl
Heidi ParworthYvonne, Can-Can Girl
Lisa WeyenbergBallet
Karen WoznickBallet
Chris MaloneyBallet
Todd VirnocheJoe, "Dream" Curly
Tara Brennan Susie, "Dream" Laurey
Scott Singer Josh
Guy Parworth Mike
Wayne Heili Sam
Mark Baader Jess
Paul Erikson Chalmers
Greg TorkelsonFred
Greg Rank Bart
Cathy PollockMelissa
Doralee BaryenbruchAmanda
Bridget BrennanSylvie
Laurie Hess Kate
Mary Pat StangelArmina
Sue Kornely Ellen
Deanna Van DreelVirginia

Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Ann KirchenViolin
Mike DixonViola
Sue OwaskiViolin
Amy GigureViolin
Jeff KowitzViolin
Brian JunkCello
Anne MullinsViolin
Kim DelsmanViolin
Mary KahlBass
Anne BauerClarinet
Randy DittmannTrumpet
Dave BurtardFrench Horn
Katrina Van DreelPiano, Rehearsal Pianist
Mike AulikTrumpet
John OlsonTrombone
Eric ReinickePercussion
Elsie LindOboe
Lisa KaufmanClarinet
Jim DufekTrombone
Cathy KollathFlute
Diane JensonBassoon

Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Props: Robert Roidt, Barb Dvorak, Jim Franzen, Kristen Gerndt, Heidi Kretsch, Dean Neuser, Debbie Neuser, Janet Owaski, Natalie Ponder, Renee Rydewski, Cindy Schwartz, Jo Anne Tait, Keith Wilhelm

Tech Crew: Kathy Buxbaum, David Wage, Lars Alecksen, Nancy Boldt, Brenda Burtard, Lisa Bushman, JoAnn Buxbaum, Ann Clayton, Tim Downey, Kristy Geimer, Pam Heinzen, Mary Held, Debbie Janosh, Andrea Jaehnig, Joe Knox, Sara Kohlman, Kent Kowitz, Lori LeClair, Bill Manis, Kristy Mazanec, Mike Mealy, David Neuser, Lisa Neuser, Andy Novack, Andy Robinson, Mary Robinson, Robert Roidt, Betsy Svatek, Jim Vachon, Phil Virnoche, Brian Weina

Publicity: Brian Mast, Kristi Geimer, Barb Kurth, Greg Rank, Dave Wage, Jill Walecka,

Programs: Jim Drobka, Patti Ciha, Kathi Frank, Tim Gazonski, John Graff, Mary Held, Lisa Hynek, Jenny Labitzke, Sharon Mrozinski, Anne Schrankler, Lori Trammell, Sandy VanDornick, Dave Wage

Make Up: Connie Olson, Mary Basten, Kristy Bachler, Kathy Basten, Nancy Bellin, Nancy Boldt, Laura Docter, Linda Docter, Barb Dvorak, Laura Gotchy, Debbie Jarnosh, Kari Kortens, Abi Maala, Kristy Mazanec, Debbie Neuser, Carol Olson, Natalie Robinson, Shelly Rosado, Renee Rydewski, Sue Swokowski, Joanne Tait

Costumes: Sue Weina, Karen Arndt, Kristy Bachler, Nancy Boldt, Carolyn Dehring, Debbie Janosh, Kay Lynn Junk, Abi Maala, Kristy Mazanec, Debbie Neuser, Janet Owaski, Natalie Podner, Mary Robinson, Stacy Schleunes

Ushers: Kristy Geimer, Nancy Boldt, Lisy Hynek, Kay Lynn Junk, Chris Keely, Jenny Labitzke, Brian Larson, Bill Manis, Judi Owaski, Robert Roidt, Shealah Schneider, Anne Schrankler, Cindy Schwartz, Patti Tirner, Lori Trammell, Sandy Van Dornick, Mary Waldman

Office Staff: Barb Kurth, Nancy Bellin, Nancy Boldt, JoAnn Buxbaum, Ann Clayton, Laura Docter, Linda Docter, Andy Dramm, Barb Dvorak, Kristin Gerndt, Kris Goodman, Kris Mazanek, Bess Miller, Dave Neuser, Lisa Neuser, Natalie Podner, Mary Jo Riebe, Linda Sadowski, Theresa Sturzl, Sue Swokowski, Joanne Tait, Kim Thielen, Mary Waldman, Kathy Woznick

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Producer/Chairman of the Board: Cindy Gerndt
     Assistant: Bill Manis
President: Bill Manis
Vice-President/Business Manager: Sue Weina
Secretary/Treasurer: Jill Walecks
Public Relations: Brian Mast

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
General Directors: Anne Bouffard and Tara Russell
Technical Director: Kathy Buxbaum
Orchestra Director: Cynthia Poulos
Choral Director: Erik Torkelson
Choreographers: Kay Steckmesser and Sara Tirner

Staff Heads
Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Stage Manager: Dave Wage
Props Head: Robert Roidt
Office Manager: Barb Kurth
House Manager: Kristy Geimer
Make Up: Connie Olson and Mary Basten
Rehearsal Pianist: David Bohn
Prompters: Theresa Sturzl and Shealah Schneider
Programs: Jim Drobka
Photographers: Tom Morgan and Steve Buss

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!
Act 1 Scene 1: The Front of Laurey's Farm House
    "Oh What a Beautiful Morning"Curly
    "The Surrey with the Fringe on Top"Curly, Laurey, Aunt Eller
    "Kansas City"Will, Aunt Eller, and the Boys
    "I Cain't Say No"Ado Annie
    "Many a New Day"Laurey and the Girls
    "It's a Scandal! It's an Outrage!"Ali Hakim, Boys & Girls
    "People will say we're in love"Curly and Laurey
Scene 2: The Smoke House
    "Pore Jud is Daid"Curly and Jud
    "Lonely Room"Jud
Scene 3: A Grove on Laurie's Farm
    "Out of My Dreams"Laurey and the Girls

Act 2
Scene 1: The Skidmore Ranch
    "The Farmer and the Cowman"Carnes, Aunt Eller, Curly, Ado Annie, Slim and Ensemble
"All 'er Nothin"Ado Annie, Will and two Dancing Girls
Scene 2: Skidmore's Kitchen Porch
    "Reprise: "People will say we're in love"Curley and Laurey
Scene 3: The Back of Laurey's Farm House
    "Oklahoma!"Curly, Laurey, Aunt Eller, Ike, Fred, and Ensemble
    "Oh, What A Beautiful Mornin"Laurey, Curley and Ensemble

Past Shows - 1980 Oklahoma!

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