Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
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Bye Bye Birdie

music by Charles Strouse
lyrics by Lee Adams
book by Micheal Stewart

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Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
Good evening,

Peter Quince is a group of young adults between the ages of 12 and 21 who start out with an idea and build it into a musical, piece by piece. Theatre has many different roles. It is put together by not only the actors, but by the many people behind the scenes. Peter Quince is always looking for young people interested in any aspect of the theatre from acting to theatre associated fields.

Peter Quince is a non-profit organization which survives by community involvement. It is people like you that make it possible for us to put on a production, such as this one. I would personally like to say thank you, one and all, for your support.

So sit back, relax, and enjoy theatre at it's best.

William P. Manis, II

Directors' Note from the program
Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
Dear friends,

Whenever a director attempts to write one of these letters, hundreds of thoughts fly through his or her head, each of them impossible to pin down on a sheet of paper. There are recollections of the difficult decisions, the excitement of rehearsals, the laughter and the tears.

But this year, as I stop to consider the life of Peter Quince, I feel a little different. As this year's show goes up, I must say farewell to Quince.

While I take my leave of the company and join the ranks of those who are too old for Quince, let me assure you that only a small fraction of what a Quincer learns is visible on the stage. We have learned to communicate and work with one another, to lead and at times to follow. We have learned to live successfully with one another.

I urge your continued support of this company and thank you for your help and understanding in years past. Without it, the company would cease to exist.

I also welcome you to our show. We have had a summer that will stay with us all out lives. So now, the final performances are for you.

Julie S. Gerndt
Co-General Director

Well, this certainly has been a summer to remember. Between the long hours, sweat, and hard work there have been many enjoyable "Moments of Madness", and as Rosie puts it, "Between the Moments of Madness and the office I've put in a good ninety hour week". But this is expected when you work with a company as valuable as Peter Quince.

Julie and I found that together, we could direct a show that will be as enjoyable and beneficial to you, the audience, as it was to the cast and crews, and ourselves.

Chris P. Jaehnig
Co-General Director

Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
Albert PetersonBruce Schlei
Rose AlverezMindy Nelson
The Teenagers:
   HelenSheila Rasmuson
   NancyAmy Rusch
   AliceDebbi Rusch
   Margie AnnAmy Gigure
   Penelope AnnJill Park
   Deborah SueDoralee Barynbruch
   SuzieAnne Demsien
   KarlHoward Sigman
   HarveyScott Singer
   HaroldMark Baader
   HenryDrew Keith
   ArnoldRandy Dittman
   FreddieDave Rusch
   PeytonPaul Erickson
Ursula MerkleAdrea Jaehnig
Kim MacAfeeDeanna Van Dreel
Mr. MacAfeeBrian Jorgenson
Mrs. MacAfeeSue Bursek
Teen TrioAnne Demsien
Jill Park
Sheila Rasmuson
Sad GirlDebbi Rusch
Mae PetersonSherri Waid
ReportersSteve Buss
Terri Temme
Conrad BirdieDave Maurer
GuitarmanLars Alecksen
ConductorChris Garey
MayorTim Hickle
Mayor's WifeElaine Allen
Hugo PeabodyGreg Torkelson
Randolph MacAfeePeter Leschke
Mrs. MerkleShelli Vetter
Gloria RasputinTerri Temme
Stage ManagerChris Garey
Barbershop QuartetScott Singer
Howard Sigman
Randy Dittmann
Steve Buss
Charles F. MaudeSteve Buss
ShrinersChris Garey
Ben Pashke
Tim Gadzinski
Drew Keith
Tim Hickle
Mrs. StevensPeggy Foerg
Mr. JohnsonBen Pashke
Mrs. JohnsonTerri Temme
Police OfficersChris Garey
Ben Pashke

Adult Chorus:
Peggy Foerg
Terri Temme
Elaine Allen
Chris Garey
Tim Gadzinski
Lars Aleckson
Ben Pashke
Tim Hickle
Stebe Buss

Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
Tracey GeimerDirector
Cynthia PaulosViolin
Cathy SmithViolin
Judy OwaskiViolin
Laura MaherViolin
Ann CavianiCello
Susan MottFlute
Sue ZagerFlute
J. GravelleBass/Electric Bass
Kristi TorkelsonEnglish Horn
Dorothy KleinClarinet
Lisa KaufmanClarinet
Lori RexClarinet
Amy SvatekClarinet
Ann BertlerAlto Sax
Mike ChizekAlto Sax
Greg KastenTenor Sax
Steve WeinertBari Sax
Mike HuebnerTrumpet
Jim JungTrumpet
Robert HeiliTrumpet
Wendy BleakeHorn
Brian MastTrombone
Bill ChizekTrombone
Jim GoldingGuitar
David RankPercussion
Sarah ReynoldsPiano

Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
 Stage, and
 Paint Crews
Lars Aleckson
Joe Best
Brenda Burtard
Kathy Buxbaum
Tim Cowney
Andy Dramm
Fritz Dramm
Sarah Gigure
John Graff
Stacey Held
Wendy Imhoff
Martin Jaboc
Adrea Jarhnig
Karrie Kariten
Kent Kowitz
Sandy Kubitcheck
Lori LeClair
Pat Massey
Cave Maurer
Bob Mazanec
Lynette Mazanec
Mike Mealy
Connie Olson
Sue Pelfier
Andrea Rasmuson
Jim Vachon
Mary Waldman
Mary Wolf
Make-upSara Baader
Tammie Blank
Laura Brennan
Kristy Gigure
Sarah Gigure
Joann Karas
Kari Kortens
Pat Massey
Judi Owaski
Heidi Parworth
Jayne Purchatzke
Kelly Schamburek
Mary Wolff
Kristin Gerndt
PropsLaura Brennen
Brenda Burtard
Ann Clayton
Laura Coons
Matt Hallager
Stacey Held
Chris Keely
Barb Kurth
Lynette Mazanec
Mary Lettenburger
CostumesTammy Blank
Nancy Johns
Chris Keely
Ramona Maala
Judy Owaski
Heidi Parworth
Kay Voechting
Diane Weina
PhotographySteve Buss
Tim Gadzinski
Tom Morgan
PublicityJohn Cisler
John Graff
Howard Sigman
Office StaffSara Baader
Laura Brennan
Laura Coons
Andy Dramm
Tim Gadzinski
Sara Gigure
Randy Harpt
Laurie Hess
Lisa Kaufman
Barb Kurth
Lori LeClair
Abi Maala
Pay Massey
Guy Parworth
Heidi Parworth
Sue Peltier
Cathy Pollack
Cindy Poulos
Andrea Rasmuson
Kim Thelen
Diane Weina
UshersSara Baader
Kathy Basten
Tammie Blnk
Bridget Brennan
Laura Brennan
Cheryl Coleman
Laura Coons
Julie Emme
Kristi Geimer
Sarah Gigure
Mary Graff
Kari Kortens
Jenny Lalitzk
Abi Maala
Cathy Pallock
Heidi Parworth
Sue Peltier
Jayne Purchetzke
Joan Purchetzke
Andrea Rasmuson
Sandy Van Dornick
Jill Walecka
Diane Weina
ProgramsSara Baader
Jon Cisler
Cheryl Coleman
Chris Keely
Johanna Maala
Ramona Maala
Dave Maurer
Jusy Owaski
Guy Parworth
Jayne Purchatzke
Greg Rank
James Schuette
Mary Waldmann
Diane Weina
Cindy Gerndt

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
Producer/Chairman of the Board: William P. Manis
     Assistant: Brian Mast
President: Brian Mast
Vice-President/Business Manager: Cathy Smith
Secretary/Treasurer: Cindy Gerndt
Public Relations: Sherri Waid

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
General Directors: Julie S. Gerndt and Chris P. Jaehnig
Choral Director: Erik Torkelson
Orchestra Director: Tracey Geimer
Choreographer: Lisa Kaner
     Assistant: Sandy Murzyn
Technical Director: Dave Wage

Production Council
Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
House Manager: Greg Rank
Office Manager: Jill Walecka
Makeup: Connie Olson
Props: Kathy Buxbaum and Mary Waldmann
Costumes: Sue Weina
Programs: Kristy Geimer and Abi Maala

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie
"An English Teacher"Rose & Albert
"The Telephone Hour"Teen Chorus
"How Lovely to be a Woman"Kim
"Put On a Happy Face"
"Normal American Boy"Rose, Albert & Ensemble
"One Boy"Kimi, Alice, Margie, & Rosie
"Honestly Sincere"Conrad & Ensemble
"Hymn for a Sunday Evening"MacAfee's and Ensemble
"One Last Kiss"Conrad, Albert, Barbershop Quartet & Ensemble
"What Did I Ever See In Him?"Rosie & Kim
"What Did I Ever See In Him?" RepriseRosie
"A Lot of Livin' To Do"Conrad, Kim & Teens
"Kids"Mr. and Mrs. MacAfee
"Talk To Me"Albert & Barbershop Quartet
"Shriners' Ballet"
"Kids" repriseMr. and Mrs. MacAfee
"Ice House Livin"Teens
"English Teacher" repriseRosie
"Spanish Rose"Rosie
"Rosie"Albert & Rosie

Past Shows - 1979 Bye Bye Birdie

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