Past Shows - 1976 On The Town


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
Through arrangement with
Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

On The Town

music by Leonard Bernstein
lyrics by Betty Comden and Adolph Green
book by Betty Comden and Adolph Green

Show Dates n/a
Capitol Civic Centre, Manitowoc WI

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
Good Evening!

As the curtain opens tonight, you are embarking upon a voyage to a place farther away than even distance can measure.

With the stage as your window, the theatre as your carriage, and your imagination at the reins, let us take you to New York City, in the year 1944.

The view through your window will transverse not merely distance, but time and reality. Yet the view through any window only reveals what is on the other side. What you will see might be mistaken for the transformation of wood, muslin, and paint into plaster and brick, remnants into flashy costumes, a teenager into an old man, or the lines of an endless script into sincere expressions of emotion. However, to actually do so would render the voyage only fleeting images on the back of one's mind, to fade as the window grows dark and the carriage slows to a halt.

This evening, let your imagination place you in the shoes of one of those characters on the other side of your window, and see if you cannot make the journey to New York with us, but from our side of the window, seeing you. The voyage would be a wonderful experience never to be forgotten!

That is the essence of theatre. When the performers and audience become one, feeling and sharing together, the window becomes a mirror in which we see ourselves, as well as those on the other side.

Thank you for making the voyage with us, It never could have been possible without you!

Mark R. Graupman
Producer/Chairman of the Board

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
As the three sailors have only one day to savor the sights, lights, and nights of New York City, we have only one evening to share with you our work of eight weeks. Our rehearsals in the past weeks have been a unique kind of show in themselves - but not always the bright comedy of ON THE TOWN. Behind this performance lie many tears of laughter, beads of perspiration, sighs of frustration, and frowns of anger. Yet the pain or pleasure of these moments become incidental to the richness of the experience.

Tonight we attempt to bring forth the vivid spirit of our experience for you to share and enjoy and, hopefully, from which you may also gain. You come together this evening with a common purpose and interest just as do we. A sociability exists within the community you as individual viewers create that parallels the unity we've been working towards as people and as actors, technicians, singers, dancers, and musicians. Thus, we ask you, our audience, to join us in putting the finishing touches on our show tonight. Fifty percent of a performance is attributed to the spectators, their presence and reactions. With the fusion of actors and audience comes a complete production

Thank you for your participation.

Elizabeth M. Childs
General Director

Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
First WorkmanKevin LaCosse
ChipChris Jaehnig
OzzieJim Hansen
GabeyPaul Reilly
FlossieHeidi Parworth
Flossie's FriendShelli Vetter
Bill PosterDennis DeMatthew
Little Old LadyNancy A. Weber
First PolicemanSteve Buss
AnnouncerBob Brasser
Ivy SmithGail Brefczynski
Hildy EsterhazyJean Novack
S. UpermanHowie Sigman
Second PolicemanPat Sheridan
Professor Waldo FigmentEric Bush
Claire de LooneLori Lee Waack
Third PolicemanLars Alecksen
High School GirlMary Ellen Childs
SailorDavid Cummings
Maude P. DillyDeborah Tutje
Judge Pitkin W. BridgeworkRandall Leifer
Lucy SchmeelerBarb Coons
Nightclub M.C.Gary Van Dreel
Diana Dream/Seņorita Dolores DoloresChristine Krause
Gabey's Dream-selfDavid Cummings
BimmyBob Brasser
Three SailorsJames Bjorklund
David Cummings
John Grosshuesch

Singers, Dancers and New Yorkers
Mark Baader
David Cummings
Jeannie Drobka
Peggy Foerg
Sara Geisler
Jim Holschbach
Jodene Hrudka
Brian Jorgensen
Christine Krause
Kevin LaCosse
Michael A. LeClair
Melinda Nelson
Kathy Novack
Charles Olson
Debbie Rusch
James Schuette
Kay Steckmesser
Terri Temme
Gary Van Dreel

Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
Greg AndersonDirector
Heidi ArnoldOboe / English Horn
Cathy KollathFlute / Piccolo
Ann FlahertyBass Clarinet
Shelly RothClarinet
Christine PortzenPercussion
Jon CislerPercussion
Erik TorkelsonAlto and Tenor Sax
Dave KollathB flat and E flat Clarinet
Brad IhlenfeldB flat Clarinet
Tim PagelPianist
Sarah ReynoldsViola
John HansenViolin
Kim KubschViolin
Carrie PoulosViolin
Ned PaschkeViolin
Cynthis PoulosViolin
Tina BushmanCello
Jim MorrisTrumpet
Peter PankratzTrombone
Sue BursekFrench Horn
Paul SchoederFrench Horn
Janilee NelsonString Bass
Paul SchmalzTrombone
Kirk LeeTrumpet

Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
Office StaffSara Baader
Peggy Foerg
Kathy Gates
Cindy Gerndt
Ann Graff
Katie Myre
Jill Park
Sheila Rasmuson
Mary Jo Riebe
Leanne Swift
Terri Temme
Linda Weber
Karen Westberg
Hursha Wier
Properties CrewSara Baader
Anne Demsien
Cindy Gerndt
Meg Hamann
Mary Helgeson
Theresa Krueger
Marcie Lamers
Dave Leschke
Lyn Mazanec
Penny Miller
Jill Park
Sheila Rasmuson
Lori Rex
Mary Jo Riebe
Erin Russell
Amy Skarda
Tami Surfus
Jackie Troupe
Gary Van Dreel
Shelli Vetter
Graphic ArtsJoan Krueger
Jana Richberg
Costume CrewTammie Blank
Lori Bugenhagen
Donna Dabeck
Tracey Geimer
Sue Hoge
Cheryl Mast
Sara Tirner
Makeup CrewSara Baader
Mary Basten
Tammie Blank
Anne Demsien
Maria Duby
Tracey Geimer
Cindy Gerndt
Heidi Hablewitz
Laura Hanson
Jodene Hrudka
Mary Hyland
Katie Myre
Gail Russell
Karen Sepnieski
Chuck Twichell
Shelli Vetter
Karen Westberg
LightingMartin Jacobi
Mike LaLeike
Steve Schrank
ProgramsMark Aumann
Lori Bugenhagen
Bob Brasser
Peggy Foerg
Cindy Gerndt
Julie Gerndt
Ann Graff
Mark Graupman
Dave Kollath
Efrem Muchin
Sheila Rasmuson
Shelli Vetter
Photography CrewClarence Black III
Construction/Stage CrewLars Alecksen
Kevin Black
Eric Bush
Mike Garber
Tracey Geimer
Ann Graff
Laura Hansen
Teri Henderson
Mike Holmes
Martin Jacobi
Steve Jacobi
Dave Jansen
Patti Karl
Brian Mast
Tom Neuser
Sheila Rasmuson
Mary Jo Reibe
Sherri Ruderman
Bob Ruppelt
Erin Russell
Gail Russell
Randy Seibert
Howie Sigman
Diana Stangel
Dave Wage
PaintingAnne Bouffard
Jim Drobka
Ann Graff
Laura Hanson
Mary Helgeson
Terri Henderson
Dave Janson
Patti Karl
Mary Tangin
Joan Krueger
Tom Neuser
Mary Jo Riebe
Erin Russell
Gail Russell
Tara Russell
Randy Seibert
Diana Stangel
Hursha Weir

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
Producer/Chairman of the Board: Mark R. Graupman
     Assistant: Mark J. Aumann
President: Mark Aumann
Vice-President/Business Manager: Julie Gerndt
Secretary/Treasurer: Lori Bugenhagen
Public Relations: Bob Brasser

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
General Director: Elizabeth M. Childs
     Assistant: Sara Lynn Geisler
Choral Director: John Grosshuesch
Orchestra Director: Greg Anderson
Choreographer: Mary Ellen Childs
Technical Director: Dan Hornung

Production Council
Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
Stage Manager: Chris Neuser
House Manager: Roz Kueter
Office Manager: Shelli Vetter
Properties Chairs: Anne Bouffard, Ann Graff, and Gail Russell
Graphic Arts Chair: Diana Stangel
Lighting: Dave Wage
Programs: Tracey Geimer and Linda Weber
Photography: John Leslie
Costumes: Laurie Ihde and Jana Richberg
Make-up Chair: Joan Krueger
Painting Chair: Jana Richberg

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1976 On The Town
"I Feel Like I'm Not Out Of Bed Yet"Workmen
"New York, New York"Ozzie, Chip and Gabey
"Presentation of Miss Turnstiles"Announcer, Ivy and New York Men
"Come Up To My Place"Hildy and Chip
"I Get Carried Away"Claire, Ozzie, Prehistoric Men and Bird Girls
"Lonely Town"Gabey and New Yorkers
"Pas de Deux"High School Girl and Sailor
"Do-re-do"Ivy, Dilly and Singing Teachers
"I Can Cook Too"Hildy
"Lucky To Be Me"Gabey and New Yorkers
"Times Square Ballet"
"So Long Baby"Nightclub Girls
"I Wish I Was Dead"Diana Dream
"I Wish I Was Dead"Seņorita Dolores Dolores
"You Got Me"Hildy, Ozzie, Claire and Chip
"I Understand"Pitkin
The Subway Train to Coney IslandGabel, Ivy and Dancers
"The Great Lover Displays Himself"Gabey's Dream-self
"The Great Lover vs. Ivy Smith"Ivy and Gabey's Dream-self
"Sokme Other Time"Claire, Ozzie, Hildy and Cip
"Raja Bimmy's Night in a Harem"Bimmy, Ivy and Harem Girls
"New York, New York (reprise)"Three Sailors and Entire Company

Past Shows - 1976 On The Town

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