Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
Through arrangement with
Tams-Witmark Music Library, Inc.

No, No, Nanette

music by Vincent Youmans
lyrics by Irving Caeser and Otto Harbach
book by Otto Harbach and Frank Mandel
adapted by Burt Shevelove

Show dates n/a
Location n/a

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
Good Evening,

As the curtain opens tonight, mat I present to you a show which is a polished glimmer of the total efforts of our company.

Time is an intangible quality of life. It is even more elusive in theatre. For all the efforts that are put into a production, the results are only fleeting moments of human performance and emotion. The instantaneous delivery of a line, the crescendo of the orchestra, a dancer's vault, or a light change on the cyclorama, these sensory experiences are but for a moment. What lingers on is your mind's image, a tingle of your emotions, an impression which will always remain.

What is the motivation for theatre? Perhaps it is the silent effort of everyone involved; from the first time a script was opened, that first yard of muslin tacked to a lumber framework, to the last dab of greasepaint, and the ultimate closing of the curtain; all these efforts attempt to present to you, our audience, a mural of a summer in the dimensions of a thumbnail sketch.

Tonight, put on the hat of a seasoned Sherlock Holmes, and see if you can't discover in NO NO NANETTE the clues to a story of theatre, young people, and a company called Peter Quince; it's a fantastic experience!

Thank you for helping blend the colours from which a theatrical portrait of gratitude and cooperation will be painted.

Kurt P. Jaehnig
Producer/Chairman of the Board

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
There are many facets to this business of theatre, but perhaps the two most important are the growth and sharing. The playwright shares ideas and feelings with the director and actor, the director and actor share with each other,the actors share with the audience. Through this process the play grows from words and musical notes on paper to a living, dynamic being. After the last light has been hung and the last line learned, if the play and cast have not grown together, the show is not ready.

The cast and crew of our production have worked hard and sacrificed much over the past weeks to make NO NO NANETTE as fine a show as possible. I am proud and pleased to have been a part of this growth. Not unlike Jimmy Smith of this evening's performance, out goal has been, in part, to spread sunshine. You are here tonight. If we can share something of ourselves with you, the cycle is complete. We want to be happy!

David Coons
General Director

Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
Jimmy SmithJohn Grosshuesch
Sue SmithLyn Ahlswede
NanetteMary Jo Bachnik
Billy EarlyDavid Cummings
Lucille EarlyElizabeth Childs
TomMark G. Weller
PaulineSherry Larson
Betty BrownBarbara Coons
Winnie WinslowLori Waack
Flora LathamGail Mahnke

Cheryl Swift
Terri Temme
Peggy Foerg
Laurie Ihde
Peter Davis
Chris Jaehnig
Jim Buth
Jim Hansen
Mark Graupman
Lorie Buchholz
Kay Steckmesser
Julie Gerndt
Gail Brefczynski
Jane Ruthmansdorfer
Randy Siebert
Brian Jorgensen
Ric Johnson
Dave Snowden

Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
Jay KoritzinskyDirector
Laura VitsRehersal Pianist
Janilee NelsonString Bass
Tim PagelPiano
Mike SigmanBass
Neil KochGuitar
Barb CareyPercussion
John HansenViolin
Joan MarkwartViolin
Cindy PoulosViolin
Carrie PoulosViolin
Ned PaschkeViolin
Brad IhlenfeldClarinet
Sue BursekFrench Horn
Debbie WesselyTrumpet
Heidi ArnoldOboe/English Horn
Paul SchroederHorn
Pete PankratzTrombone
Mike AnhaltTrumpet
Dave PlumbTrumpet
Ann FlahertyBass Clarinet
Greg AndersonClarinet
Lynn LovelienFlute
Roz KueterFlute
Eric TorkelsonSaxophone
Steve WeinertSaxophone
Debbie RuschBassoon
Paul SchmaltzTrombone
Rick JebavyPercussion
Lori AhlswedeViolin
Ed WilletCello
Ann KohlbeckCello

Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
ConstructionMark Aumann
Sue Abramovich
Jim Barnes
Eric Bush
Ann Davis
Tracey Geimer
Laura Hanson
Martin Jacobi
Steve Jacobi
Mike LeClair
Kevin LaCosse
Randy Leifer
Debbie Martinez
Brian Mast
Katy Myre
Mindy Nelson
Chris Neuser
Beth Nikolai
Shawn Reilly
Jana Richberg
Bob Buppelt
Gail Russell
Tara Russell
Howie Sigman
Sue Taak
Dave Wage
CostumesCindy Bonk
Diana Carey
Marilyn Derris
Jodene Hrudka
Laurie Ihde
Terry Johnsen
Jill Sigman
Michele Vetter
Stage CrewEric Bush
Terri Henderson
Mary Hyland
Chris Krause
Kevin LaCosse
Brian Mast
Shawn Reilly
Bob Ruppely
Linda Weber
PaintingDodi Dalton
Ann Davis
Tracey Geimer
Ann Graff
Laura Hanson
Katy Myre
Mindy Nelson
Sheila Rasmussen
Gail Russel
Tara Russel
Michele Vetter
Phyllis Walter
Karen Westberg
PropertiesTracey Geimer
Laura Hanson
Theresa Krueger
Marcia Lamers
Ann Leschke
Jana Richberg
Gail Russel
Tara Russel
Follow SpotsJim Bjorklund
Nancy Reichert
LightingMartin Jacobi
Dave Wage
SoundKurt Jaenig
Steve Jacobi
Make-upKelly Anhalt
Anne Bouffard
Bob Brasser
Gail Brefczynski
Anne Davis
Ann Demsien
Maria Duby
Tracey Geimer
Beth Nikolai
Nancy Reichert
Debbie Rusch
Gail Russell
Barb Sabin
Shelli Vetter
Robin Walters
Karen Westberg
Office StaffLars Aleckson
Peggy Foerg
Ann Greff
Mary Hyland
Patty Keehan
Chris Krause
Katy Myre
Sue Nichols
Sheila Rasmussen
Howie Sigman
Michele Vetter
Linda Weber
ProgramsMark Aumann
Peggy Foerg
Chris Krause
Joan Krueger
Molly Larson
Maty Myre
Jana Richberg
Jill Sigman
Mike Sigman
Graphic ArtsDuffy Primm
Jill Sigman
Shelly Vetter
UshersCarie Bronson
Ann Graff
Meg Hamann
Ida Hansen
Erin Hayes
Patty Keehan
Marcia Larsen
Penny Miller
Mindy Nelson
Sue Nichols
Sheila Resmuson
Mary Jo Riebe
Sue Rohrer
Amy Skarda
Karen Stark
Fran Timberlake

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
Producer/Chairman of the Board: Kurt Jaehnig
     Assistant: Mark Anderson
President: Mark Anderson
Vice-President/Business Manager: Mark Graupman
Secretary/Treasurer: Joan Krueger
Public Relations: David Kollath

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
General Director: David Coons
Choral Director: Tracey Skeels
Orchestra Director: Jay Koritzinsky
Choreographer: Mary Ellen Childs
Technical Director: Daniel Hornung

Production Council
Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
Stage Manager: John Dramm
Assistant Stage Manager: Mark Aumann
Office Managers: Mark Graupman and Karen Stuckmann
Painting Chair: Jana Richberg
Graphic Arts Chair: Bob Snowden
Construction: Dan Hornung
     Assistant: John Dramm
Costumes: Laura Vits
Lighting: Chris Neuser
Make-up Chair: Joan Krueger and Lynn Rosinsky
Programs: Ann Coleman and Linda Weber
Photography: John Leslie
Properties Chair: Mark Aumann
     Assistant: Mindy Nelson
Head Usher: Anne Bouffard

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette
"Too Many Rings Around Rosie"Lucille and Boys
"I've Confessed to the Breeze"Tom and Nanette
"Call of the Sea"Billy and Girls
"I Want to be Happy"Nanette and Jimmy, Sue, Boys and Girls
"No, No, Nanette"Nanette and Boys
"Finaletto Act One"Tom, Nanette, and Chorus
"Peach on the Beach"Nanette and Chorus
"The Three Happies"Flora, Betty, and Winnie
"Tea for Two"Tom, Nanette, and Chorus
"You Can Dance With Any Girl"Lucille and Billy
"Finaletto Act Two"Entire Company
"Telephone Girlie"Billy, Flora, Betty, and Winnie
"Where Has My Hubbie Gone Blues"Lucille and Boys
"Waiting for You"Tom and Nanette
"Take a Little One-Step"Sue and Company
"Finale"Entire Company

Past Shows - 1975 No, No, Nanette

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