Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
Through arrangement with
Music Theater International

West Side Story

music by Leonard Bernstein
lyrics by Stephen Sondheim
book by Arthur Laurents

Dates n/a
Location n/a

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
Dear Friends,

Good Evening, and welcome to the Peter Quince Performing Company's production of West Side Story. With this evening's performance, Peter Quince celebrates it's sixth season of presenting fine musical entertainment to the Manitowoc-Two Rivers area.

Theatre has something very special to offer in every aspect of its production. There is a unique feeling that one gets as one becomes involved with a theatrical performance. Call it magic, call it dedication to a goal, call it anything, but what it all boils down to is a tremendous love for hard work, a love for theatre, and a love for each other. For as this statement may seem a bit unrealistic, it is never-the-less true.

As the curtain rises this evening you will witness the culmination of many months of hard work by a great number of people involved with our organization, people of which I have been proud to associate with. This summer has been rather special for me as it is my last. I have finally reached the age of twenty-one years that all the Peter Quince members dread, for it is at this age that it becomes mandatory for us to retire.

It would be impossible for me to thank all of you, our audience, for making this production possible. Out members will be thanked by your applause, more than you will even know. Our thanks to you will be in the form of a show we hope you will never forget. So just sit back, relax, and enjoy it.

Thoman R. Berkedal
Chairman of the Board/Producer

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
"You gotta believe" is a phrase that has become popular recently. It is also the one phrase that perhaps most aptly describes Peter Quince. For us it has a double meaning, reflecting the participation in imagination vital to theatre as well as the inner strength that has enabled the Company to come so far.

Five years ago the first "Quincers", starting from scratch, began to turn a dream into reality. Although others too were willing to take a risk on this new thing, most were not. The Company became its own best friend; its members looked inward and relied on each other for support, always believing in both themselves and their dream ... even when others would not. Even today, Quince must still prove itself. Through all this, however, Quincers have retained the same, strong belief that sparked our original success.

Theatre, of source, also requires a very different belief: audience and performers must not only be able to concieve of a place and people unlike that around them, they both must be willing to accept that created reality. Believing this way opens one to ideas and experiences not always seen (or not possible) in everyday life.

To believe in yourself and the "illogical" world of fiction is a rare coupling. It has created the spirit that has made Peter Quince a singular organization of which I am very proud.

General Director

Orchestra Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
For everyone involved, "West Side Story" posed a challenge and required hard work in its preparation. The music was no exception as this show was one of the hardest to appear on Broadway. This year's orchestra is comprised of kids ranging in age from junior high to college and whose interests vary greatly--tennis, music, baseball, bowling, swimming, and many, many, many others. But they have combined their musical talent and efforts to come up with what we hope will add to the success of the show. They all spent a great deal of time rehearsing their music, and it has been a very exciting privilege for me to work with a group of kids who were so very interested in making their orchestra a fine one. Their cooperation with me was most gratifying and I must thank them for a most enjoyable summer.

Musical Director

Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
The Jets
Riff (their leader)Jim Bjorkland
Tony (his best friend)Kurt Jaehnig
ActionMark Weller
A-RabJim Hansen
Baby JohnBrian Jorgensen
DieselBob Brasser
Big DealPeter Davis
Snow BoyMark Hooper
Their Women
AnybodysGail Brefcynski
VelmaLinda Krause
GraziellaLorie Buchholz
PaulineCheryl Swift
MinnieSara Geisler
ClariceCheryl Mast
The Sharks
Bernardo (their leader)David Cummings
Chino (his best friend)Kevin LaCosse
Pepe (his lieutenant)Dave Snowden
IndioRandall Leifer
LuisNed Hacker
AnxiousBill Bastianelli
NibblesDuffy Primm
MooseChris Jaehnig
Their Women
Maria (Bernardo's sister)Lori Bugenhagen
Anita (his girl)Linden Hutchison
RosaliaJill Sigman
ConsueloBarb Coons
FrancisaLyn Ahlswede
MargueritaMary Anne Sfat
EstellaJodene Hrudka
Adults and others
DocMark Graupman
Lt. ShrankDon Lambert
Sgt. KrupkeMichael LeClair
Glad HandEfrem Muchin
A GirlMary Jo Bachnik
Special DancersTara Russell
Paul Reilly

Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
Jay KoritzinskyDirector
Tracey SkeelsRehersal Pianist
Patti PenroseGuitar
Ann KohlbeckCello
Mary HansenViolin I
Jane PrimmPercussion
Lori AhlswedeViolin II
Ed WillitCello
Sue VelanyViolin II
John HansenViolin I
Kevin KockGuitar
Chris PortzenPercussion
Joan HaldersonViolin I
Ann GigureViolin I
Carrie PoulosViolin II
Ned PaschkeViolin II
Mike SigmanBass
John LeonardBass
Lisa StarkFlute
Heidi ArnoldOboe
Cathy KollathFlute
Kathy SwiggumTenor Sax
Debbie WesselyTrumpet II
Debbie RuschBassoon
Roz KueterFlute
Sue BursekFrench Horn II
Jim MorrisTrumpet III
Greg AndersonAlto Sax
Dave KollathClarinet
Paul SchmalzTrombone I
Paul SchroederFrench Horn I
Brad IhlenfeldClarinet
Brian WierTrombone II
Scott HansenTrumpet I

Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
Office StaffEllen Arndorfer
Maria Duby
Peggy Foerg
Lauri Hackbarth
Chris Krause
Marcia Larsen
Kathy Novack
Jill Park
Brian Portzen
Cindy Poulos
Barb Schuette
Shelly Vetter
Linda Weber
Heidi Wittwer
Painting/GraphicsAnne Bouffard
Joan Krueger
Ginger Long
Kathy Long
Pat Marek
Cindy Poulos
Tara Russell
Pete Schleis
Mary Schroeder
ConstructionLars Aleckson
Mark Auman
Terri Bartelme
Lori Buchholz
John Dramm
Sue Groll
Dan Hornung
Martin Jacobi
Steve Jacobi
Maricia Larsen
Julie Margeneau
Brian Mast
Todd Najmayer
Mindy Nelson
Julie Purchatzke
Nancy Reichert
Brian Skelton
Shawn Skelton
Dawn Tutje
Linda Weber
Cindy Poulos
Barb Schuette
Heidi Wittwer
ProgramsPeggy Foerg
Lauri Hackbarth
Sally Hyde
Jenny Luisier
Karen O'Leary
Jana Richberg
Mary Schroeder
Mike Sigman
CostumesSara Geisler
Linda Krause
Jodene Hrudka
Lyn Ahlswede
Anne Bouffard
Laurie Buchholz
Marilyn Deurs
Chris Krause
Cheryl Mast
Cathi Molzahn
Mindy Nelson
Michelle Vetter
LightsPatty Arndorfer
Ann Coleman
Martin Jacobi
Chris Neuser
Todd Najmayer
Nancy Reichert
Stage CrewEllen Arndorfer
Mark Balaban
John Dramm
Tracy Geiner
Lauri Hackbarth
Johanna Hansen
Mark Hoffman
Chris Krause
Joan Mitchell
Mindy Nelson
Cindy Poulos
Julie Purchatzke
Jana Richberg
Barb Schuette
Dianne Schuster
Pam Schuster
Joan Trefz
Shelly Vetter
Linda Weber
Heidi Wittwer
Make-upEllen Arndorfer
Tom Blank
Anne Bouffard
Anne Demsien
Priscilla Dixon
Tracey Geimer
Wendy Gintner
Marcia Hoyer
Wendy Kuchenbecker
Luisa Lesperance
Kathy Long
Ken Morgan
Ann Schaus
Barb Schuette
Lori Schumacher
Sue Skarda
Terri Temme
Lynn VanElls
Cheryl Vreeke
Heidi Wittwer
Janet Zipperer
SoundSteve Jacobi
Craig Ospedale
PropsEllen Arndorfer
Peggy Foerg
Wendy Gintner
Sue Groll
Lauri Hackbarth
Connie Helgeson
Ginger Long
Kathy Long
Sarah Schuette
Karen Sweetman
Debbie Vessely
UshersSusan Alwaldt
Julie Brandt
Carol Morgan
Mary Schroeder
Lou Ann Kaderabek
Gail Ospedale
Michele LaFond
Kathy Novak
Marcia Larson
Shelly Vetter
Terri Temme
Lori Schumacher
Chris Krause
Sue Hoge
Diane Strauf
Sue Skarda
Marguerite Spacek

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
Producer/Chairman of the Board: Thomas R. Berkedal
President: Marilyn Bloom
Vice-President/Business Manager: Dave Kollath
Secretary/Treasurer: Laurie Ihde
Public Relations: John Grosshuesch

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
General Director: James Ihde
     Assistant: Dave Coons
Choral Director: Janilee Nelson
Orchestra Director: Jay Koritzinsky
Co-Choreographers: Elizabeth and Mary Ellen Childs
Technical Director: Bruce Humphrey
     Assistant: Mark Anderson

Production Council
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
Stage Manager: Mark Rugowski
Assistant Stage Manager: Mark Aumann
Office Manager: Barb Coons
Painting/Graphics Chair: Jana Richberg
Programs: Lindy Luisier and Cindy Musial
Lights: Dan Hornung
Make-up: Joan Krueger
Props Head: Michele Lewis
     Assistant: Anne Bouffard
Head Usher: Sara Brandt

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story
"Jet Song"Riff & Jets
"Something's Coming"Tony
"Balcony Scene"Maria & Tony
"America"Anita, Rosalia, & Spanish Women
"Cool"Riff & Jets
"One Hand, One Heart"Maria & Tony
"Tonight Quintet"Maria, Tony, Anita, Jets, & Sharks
"I Feel Pretty"Maria & Spanish Women
"Somewhere"A Girl
"Gee, Officer Krupke"Jets
"A Boy Like That & I Have A Love"Maria & Anita

Past Shows - 1974 West Side Story

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