Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
Through special arrangement with
Music Theatre International

Guys and Dolls

music by Frank Loesser
lyrics by Frank Loesser
book by Jo Swerling and Abe Burrows
based on stories and characters of Damon Runyon

Dates n/a
Location n/a

Producer's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
Musical theatre is often associated with magic; musicals are fantasies, fables and dreams. To those on the other side of the footlights, seeing that limited view that transverses time and reality, the magic might be mistaken for the transformation of wood, paint and muslin into plaster and stone, remnants into flashy costumes, a teenager into an old man, or a ream of impossible score into an unforgettable tune. Indeed, this is magic of a sort, for I have worked with the magicians that created it: the technical crews, the costumiers, directors, actors, makeup artists and musicians are just a few. But this is not the real magic, for like the best magicians, they are but skilled artists--from office staff to ushers--working to create the illusion of magic.

When the lights are out, costumes return to remnants, the old man washes away his age and the muslin is only painted cloth. When they speak of the magic of the theatre, the real magic, people are speaking of the something special that theatre people possess that makes show business possible. These are the people who want to take a playwright's script into their care, find money to feed into it, to worry, laugh, and cry over it as it grows into a show to live but two nights for the audience.

This willingness to seek responsibility for what seems an impossible venture is the contagious spirit of Peter Quince and the real magic of theatre.

We all believe in magic. Perhaps theatre is linked so closely with magic because it depends upon it so. From the day we took the script under our care we believed our audience would be here to share our magic tonight. And like magic, tonight you are here. Our deepest thanks for believing in us and our dreams and for being something we can believe in.

Reed Humphrey

Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls

Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
Bobby SoxersCollette Kordecki
Lynn Nowakowski
ChildKathy Risch
StreetwalkersLes Kordecki
Sally Johnson
SightseersPaulette Quick
Mary Schmidt
TexanJim Willett
Texan's WifeJean Zipperer
Paper Doll VendorWendy Lulloff
Nicely-NicelyMichael Keith
Benny SouthstreetBob Bjorklund
Rusty CharlieLee Garrow
Sarah BrownLynn Hoge
Arvide AbernathyEric Severson
AgathaJean Weber
MarthaPeg Phillips
CalvinDave Johnston
Harry the HorseMichael Crechard
Lt. BranniganFred Sharpe
Nathan DetroitReed Humphrey
Angie the OxArtie Orth
Miss AdelaideEmily Mueller
Sky MastersonJim Panosh
Joey BiltmoreBrian Arndorfer
MimiJan Hoffman
Gen. Matilda B. CartwrightLinda Heiden
Gen. Cartwright's AideLynn Zimmerman
Big JuleJim Ihde
DrunkVic Schwartz
Cuban DancersChris L. Cummings
Dave Luisier
Hot Box GirlsJan Hoffman
Gretchen Kurth
Betsy Peaslee
Nancy Protz
Cindi Seidl
Joan Uetzmann
CrapshootersKevin Crawford
Dave Cummings
John Hoyer
Dave Luisier
Artie Orth
Peter Tait

Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
Candi RuppeltDirector
Carol ThomleyCello
Doug ZoerbCello
Sue SchrankFlute
Sue DavisFlute / Piccolo
Chris HansenViolin
Chris SmithViolin
Jean TrainorViolin
Lynn AllgerBass
Kris PfeiferOboe
Tony FoddenTrumpet
Pual JohnstonTrumpet
Bob DenkTrumpet
Peggy CoombsFrench Horn
Carol ReichertFrench Horn
Jon AumanTrombone
Kevin MurraySax / Clarinet
Jon MeyerSax / Clarinet
Dave MladaSax / Clarinet
John LeslieSax / Bass Clarinet
Jane SiekerClarinet
Sarah KaufmanClarinet
Paul TrautmanPercussion
Kathy KaufmanPiano

Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
LightingRory McBeath
Bruce Humphrey
Josh Allen
SoundMark Anderson
Paul Anderson
Set ConstructionMarilyn Bloom
Ron Breitwisch
Jan Hoffman
Mark Hoffman
Dan Hornung
Bruce Humphrey
John Hoyer
John Mueller
Paul Mueller
Les Kordecki
Cory Kubacky
Rick Panosh
Kathy Newlin
Donna Stanzel
PostersLinda Heiden
Barb Nash
Jan Hoffman
Les Kordecki
Fred Sharpe
Mary Jo Schultz
Sally Jo Johnson
Kaye Nueser
Doug Mrotek
Carol Reichart
Michael Crechard
Joe Jagodensky
Tony Fodden
NewspaperCris Cummings
RadioLes Kordecki
Jeff Newlin
Eric Severson
BusinessMarilyn Bloom
Bob Bjorklund
Jan Hoffman
John Hoyer
Collette Kordecki
Les Kordecki
Kathy Newlin
Peg Phillips
Cindi Seidl
Cindy Rathsack
Vic Schwartz
Jean Weber
Sue Worthington
Pat Rydezevski
ProgramsLauri Hirssig
Marilyn Bloom
Joan Uetzmann
Tom Thomsen
BuildingRon Breitwisch
John Hoyer
John Allen
Bruce Humphrey
Les Kordecki
Rick Panosh
John Mueller
Jean Weber
Cindi Seidl
CostumesAnn Schultz
Jean Ploger
Cindi Seidl
Betsy Peaslee
Chris Cummings
MakeupJean Zipperer
Cindy Hartlaub
Luanne LeClair
Mary Schmidt
Kathy Oberbillig
Judy White
Monica Crechard
UshersMarilyn Bloom
Sue Denk
Ann Arndorfer
Cathie Cummings
Liz Fodden
Pat Granitz
Mary Kirchen
Joanne Mraz
Kaye Nueser
Laurie Hirssig
Kathy Walters
Bonnie Nichols
Props/TransportationJohn Allen
Ron Breitwisch
Chirs Duebler
Cindy Hartlaub
Lauri Hirssig
Kathy LaLeike
Donna Stanzel
Jane Seiker
Les Kordecki
PhotographyPaul Anderson
Michael Crechard
AdvertisingJan Hoffman
Jim Panosh
Barb Nash
Les Kordecki

Board of Directors
Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
Producer/Chairman of the Board: Reed Humphrey
Treasurer: Jim Ihde
Secretary: Emily Muller

Directing Staff
Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
General Director: Kenneth Risch
    Assistant: Brian Arndorfer
Vocal Director: Kathy Kaufman
Orchestra Director: Candi Ruppelt
Choreography Director: Christine L. Cummings
Technical Director: Tom Skatrud

Production Council
Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
Stage Manager: John Mueller
Stage Electrician: Ron Breitwisch
Lighting: Rick Panosh
Set Construction: John Allen
  Posters: Cindi Seidl and Chris Hornung
  Newspaper: Paulette Quick
  Radio: Joe Jagodensky
  Television: Chris Hornung
Building: Bob Bjorklund
Costumes: Mary Jo Schultz and Sue Strohm
Makeup: Kris Schlei
Head Usher: Sally Johnson
Props/Transportation: Tom Thomsen
House Manager: Richard Quick
Photography: Mark Anderson
Avertising: Liz Fodden
Programs: Linda Heiden

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls
"Fugue for Tinhorns"Benny, Rusty Charlie, Nicely-Nicely
"Follow the Fold"Sarah, Arvide, Mission Band
"The Oldest Established"Nathan, Nicely-Nicely, Benny, Crapshooters
"I'll Know"Sarah and Sky
"A Bushel and a Peck"Adelaide and Hot Box Girls
"Adelaide's Lament"Adelaide
"Guys and Dolls"Nicely-Nicely and Benny
"If I Were a Bell"Sarah
"My Time of Day"Sky
"I've Never Been in Love Before"Sky and Sarah
"Take Back Your Mink"Adelaide and Hot Box Girls
"Adelaide's Lament (Reprise)"Adelaide
"More I Cannot Wish You"Arvide
"Luck Be a Lady"Sky and Crapshooters
"Sue Me"Nathan and Adelaide
"Sit Down, You're Rocking the Boat"Nicely-Nicely and Ensemble
"Follow the Fold (Reprise)"Mission Group and Crapshooters
"Marry the Man Today"Adelaide
"Guys and Dolls (Reprise)"Company

Past Shows - 1970 Guys and Dolls

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