Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown


Peter Quince Performing Company, Ltd.
Through special arrangement with
Music Theatre International

The Unsinkable Molly Brown

music by Meredith Wilson
lyrics by Meredith Wilson
book by Richard Morris

August 1 and 2, 1969 at 8:15pm
Wilson Jr. High School Auditorium, Manitowoc WI

Producer/Director's Note from the program
Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown
The Peter Quince Performing Company adopted its name from a character in Shakespeare's A Midsummer Night's Dream. Quince was a carpenter who organized his friends into an acting troupe to entertain for royalty. He worked under adverse conditions: none of the cast was professional, there was no rehearsal stage until shortly before the performance, and there were few props. By working with determination under these conditions, Quince reflected the spirit of the theater which we are seeking to do.

The world of the stage is unique; much time is needed when none is to be had; days drag slowly on until suddenly there are no more. Luck and magic horns are friends who wait too long but are never too late. Money is spent which doesn't exist to create a dream if it's good or a nightmare if it's not.

Most of all, theater is a group phenonomen of many people coordinated to produce a section of life into which another group can momentarily live.

Manitowoc and this area have shown us the highest appreciation by placing faith in our new venture and coming to see out finished product tonight. We all thank you and invite you to relax and step into that world we have created for you tonight.

Reed Humphrey

Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Molly TobinLesley Kordecki
Michael TobinRichard Quick
Aloysius TobinJohn Hoyer
Patrick TobinRon Breitwisch
Shamus TobinJim Ihde
Father FlynnBrian Arndorfer
MinersJohn Hoyer
John Allen
Jim Willett
Richard Reed
CharlieDave Johnston
Christmas MorganPeter Tait
BurtMichael Keith
Bar GirlsChris Cummings
Mary Schmidt
Rose Hildebrand
Cathy Cornich
Lynn LeClair
Cindy Oberbilling
Johnny "Leadville" BrownMichael Crechard
GittarJim Willett
Leadville LadiesChris Cummings
Mrs. McGloneLinda Heiden
Monsignor RyanTom Thomsen
RobertsBrian Arndorfer
Senoriga GardellaKathy Newlin
MaidCorleen Masiak
Denver PoliceRon Breitwisch
Richard Quick
John Hoyer
GermainCorleen Masiak
Princess DeLongMary Pick
Countess EthanotousPaulette Quick
JenabashrosSteve Kronberg
Grand Duchess Marie NicholaiovnaJean Weber
Count FerantiMike Kiland
Duchess of BurlingameSally Johnson
Baron of AuldLeon Holstrom
Malcolm BroderickJohn Hoyer
Mrs. WadlingtonJan Hoffman
Mr. WadlingtonJoe Jagodinsky
Young WaiterRick Panosh
Maitre D'Richard Quick
Male PassengerMike Keith
MotherLynn Graff
Wounded SailorDave Johnston
International SetPaulette Quick
Sally Johnson
Jean Weber
John Mueller
Steve Kronberg
Mark Kiland
Leon Hostrum
Beautiful PeopleDoug Mrotek
Chris Horning
Joe Jagodinsky
Greg Sauer
Barb Banker
Carol Driscol
Gretchen Kurth
Lyn Hoge

Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Emily MuellerConductor
Christine SmithPianist
Lyn ZimmermanPianist
K. Patrick CallahanViolin
Christine HansenViolin
Jeffrey NewlinViolin
Lise BieselViolin
Carol ThomleyCello
Jan WeberBass
Kathleen GlanderFlute
Jane SiekerClarinet
Grant WeinaClarinet
Margaret CoombsFrench Horn
Daniel HansenTrumpet
Robert DenkTrumpet
Charles MeyersTrombone
Kenneth SmithPercussion
William JohnsonTympani

Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown

Production Staff
Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Producer-Director: Reed Humphrey
Musical Director: Emily Mueller
Chorus Coordinator: Jerry Olson
Orchestra Director: Emily Mueller
Set Designer: Reed Humphrey
Choreographer: Jean Wolfmeyer
Technical Director: Tom Skatrud
Stage Manager: Paul Anderson
Costumes Head: Wendy Arnold
Special Costumes: Betty Humphrey and Bette Wimmer
Hair Styles: Evelyn Jendricks
Makeup Coordinator: Cindy Hartlub
Business Manager: Jerry Olson
     Assistants: Jim Ihde and Tom Thomsen
Finance Committee: Jean Gagnon, Jan Hoffman, Jim Ihde, Kathy Newlin, Tom Thomsen, and Jean Weber
Publicity Assistants: Brian Arndorfer and Ruth Musil
Typist: Paula Hansen
Master of Properties: Jo Schlise
Lighting Crew: Tom Skatrud, Bruce Humphrey, and Dennis Musil
Master Sound: Rory McBeath
Stage Crew: Paul Mueller, Shawn Quick, Rick Panosh, and Rory McBeath
Painting and Construction: Tom Skatrud, John Allen, John Hoyer, Jan Hoffman, Les Kordecki, Bruce Humphrey, Jim Willet, Kathy Newlin, Peter Tait, Mary Pick, and Richard Reed
General Task Force: The Entire Peter Quince Performing Company
Ushers: Maralyn Bloom, Cathie Cummings, Sue Denk, Barb Granitz, Sarah Kaufman , Keri Klotzbuether, and Sue Kraska

Musical Numbers
Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown
Musical Numbers
"I Ain't Down Yet"Molly and her brothers
"Belly Up To The Bar Boys"Molly, Christmas, and the Miners
"I've A'Ready Started In"Johnny, Christmas, Charlie, Burt, and Gittar
"I'll Never Say No"Johnny
"My Own Brass Bed"Molly
"The Denver Police"Three Policeman
"Beautiful People Of Denver"Molly
"Are You Sure?"Molly and guests
"I Ain't Down Yet" (reprise)Molly and Johnny
"Happy Birthday, Mrs. J.J. Brown"Princess DeLong, Prince DeLong, and The International Set
"Bon Jour" (the Language Song)Molly, Prince DeLong, and The International Set
"If I Knew"Johnny
"Chick-A-Pen"Molly and Johnny
"Keep A-Hoppin'"Johnny and the Leadville Friends
"Leadville Johnny Brown" (soliloquy)Johnny
"Dolce Far Niente And I May Never
  Fall In Love With You"
Prince Delong and Molly
"Dolce Far Niente" (reprise)Prince DeLong
"I Ain't Down Yet" (finale)Johnny, Molly and Leadville Friends

Past Shows - 1969 The Unsinkable Molly Brown

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